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Gaëtan Bouvier, Pascaline Lepeltier et Philippe Faure-Brac. Latest news of the sommellerie

Pascaline Lepeltier, Best Sommelier of France 2018

Sunday, November 11, during the EquipHotel trade fair, Pascaline Lepeltier won the competition of the Best Sommelier of France 2018, succeeding Gaëtan Bouvier, sommelier in Lyon, France.   In front of an audience of 800 persons, five high-class candidates met in the finals for the title of the Best Sommelier of France 2018. Florian Balzeau, Pascaline Lepeltier, Isabelle Mabboux, Pierre Vila Palleja and Aymeric Pollène offered the spectators an excellent performance. Each of them has brilliantly highlighted the profession of sommelier that demands many qualities, both human and technical... Read more


Quentin Vauléon Latest news of the sommellerie

Quentin Vauléon wins the title for Brittany

Sommelier at Pavillon Ledoyen and finalist of the 15th edition of this contest the winner showed his professional qualities, his knowledge and personality that seduced the jury all along. In front...

Latest news of the sommellerie

The guidelines of Andrés Rosberg’s programme

“Set A.S.I. at the service of the national sommeliers associations and their members across the world. They need to have access to the tools and information necessary to educate their professionals...

Shinya Tasaki et Andrés Rosberg Latest news of the sommellerie

A.S.I. general meeting

A new president, the presentation of the next contests, the official integration of new member countries, the historical partners’ will to continue working with A.S.I. and above all an excellent...

Zakaria Wahby entouré de Rabi Ahsina et d'Abdelghafour Sadik Latest news of the sommellerie

1st Contest of the Best Sommelier of Morocco

February 28th will remain a historical date of the Association of Sommeliers of Morocco (ASMA). Indeed they organized the first Contest of the Best Sommelier of the Associations of Sommeliers of...

Jon Arvid Rosengren vainqueur en 2013 à San Remo a félicité son successeur letton. Latest news of the sommellerie

A.S.I. Contest of the Best Sommelier of Europe and Africa

In a one-year time the Latvian candidate passed from the 7th place at the world contest in Argentina to the first step of the podium in Austria. A quick ascent for a talented professional who bet all...

Latest news of the sommellerie

Konstantinos Stavroulakis Meilleur Sommelier d’Italie ASPI 2016

Konstantinos Stavroulakis won the prestigious title of the ASPI Best Sommelier of Italy 2016. Aged 43, of Greek origin, he has been living and working in Italy for many years and now is sommelier...