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Breakaways in the vineyards

Travel journal, by Stéphane Derenoncourt

Clos Stegasta, Tinos The beauty of a wine production site is often not unrelated to the aesthetics of the wine produced. The place inspires. It leads you to understand, through the nature of the soils, the climatology, or the surrounding vegetation, what the strengths and weaknesses are, almost instinctively prompting the appropriate technical responses. But sometimes, the place strikes you. It's a shock that unsettles you, bewilders you, and disorients you, a rare and strange feeling. In the heart of the Aegean Sea, a few nautical miles from the bustling Mykonos, emerges the island of... Read more



Champagnes Philipponnat

We are in Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, southeast of the Montagne de Reims, where Pierre Philipponnat acquired the famous Clos des Goisses in 1935. However, the history of the House dates back to 1522 when the...


Château de Chambrun

The property of Chambrun was established between the two world wars by the Chollet family. In 1994, Jean-Philippe Janoueix purchased the 1.70-hectare plot and renamed the property “Château de...



by the Hauts de Montrouge cellar Cave des Hauts De Montrouge is located in Nogaro, in the Gers region. Established in 1963, it currently brings together over 55 peasant winemakers who uphold the...


Château Petit Val

Vin de France blanc 2020 Château Petit Val is the story of two wine lovers, Jean-Louis and Olivia Alloin, who decide to return to their roots by investing in a Bordeaux vineyard. It's a lovely nod...

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At the dawn of flourishing renown

While Reims and Épernay are the first cities that come to mind when discussing the Champagne region, the department of Aube holds its own, notably thanks to its historic city: Troyes, and its...


The Secrets of Bargemone unveiled

The roots of Bargemone run deep in a flourishing Provence, just 10 minutes north of Aix.   Within the estate lies a Templar commandery dating back to the 13th century. Over 800 years of history...