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Champagne Taittinger

The vineyard of Maison Taittinger, certified High Environmental Value, has been under the leadership of Vitalie Taittinger since 2020. It spans across 288 hectares of vineyards and includes 37...


Château Aurore

Bordeaux blanc 2022 Château Aurore, entirely cultivated using organic farming methods, has been a part of the Invindia vineyards since 2014. This estate, located in the town of Moulon, encompasses...


Château Petit Val

Vin de France blanc 2020 Château Petit Val is the story of two wine lovers, Jean-Louis and Olivia Alloin, who decide to return to their roots by investing in a Bordeaux vineyard. It's a lovely nod...

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Liebherr wine cellars

II Recognized as a specialist in wine cellars, the German manufacturer Liebherr offers appliances with precise features that meet the essential requirements for optimal storage: fresh air, humidity...


Champagne J.M. Tissier

Marie-Christine and Jacques Tissier have crafted an authentic and refined range of champagnes and spirits, sharing their hedonistic vision of life ... and Champagne. Highly attuned to nature,...


Champagne Sylvie Moreau

Established in the 1960s in Saint-Euphraise by André Moreau, the brand Champagne André Moreau was taken over by his daughter Sylvie and her husband Olivier in the 1990s, giving rise to Champagne...