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Breakaways in the vineyards

Wines of Pennsylvania

“Welcome to the land time forgot,” uttered Sarah Troxell-Rhodes upon my arriving at the pleasantly windy, 360° view that's Galen Glen Winery. With life & work partner Galen Troxell, recently joined by their daughter Erin, it's become internationally recognized for varieties well suited to the continental climate and slate soils of Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley--Riesling and Grüner Veltliner--notable as 15-20% of Pennsylvania's production is from grapes grown in this American Viticultural Area though “it struggles for an identity having not long ago being a destination for simple sweet... Read more


Henry Clemens (S.I), Paolo Basso, Olivier Fargeot et Yann (S.I.) Portraits of winegrowers

Château Arnauld

The magistrate of Bordeaux, Pierre-Jacques Arnauld, bought in the 17th century the Priory of Arcins which became the Cru Arnauld before being renamed Château Arnauld. It is said that the Priory of...

Portraits of winegrowers

Château d’Agassac

A veil of mist hangs around the property when we arrive with the Best Sommelier of the World Paolo Basso in front of the gates of Château d'Agassac. Nothing in fact augured of a tasting to come...

Frédéric Castéja et Nelson Chow Portraits of winegrowers

Château Batailley

Last October, Nelson Chow, president of the Hong Kong and China Sommelier Association, pushed the doors of Château Batailley. Nothing glitzy in this pearl of Pauillac, it just releases something of...

Bernard Audoy et Nelson Chow Portraits of winegrowers

Château Cos Labory

It was a welcoming man with a benevolent face who opened his door to Nelson Chow, president of the sommeliers of China and Hong Kong, last October. Here, you cannot start a visit of Château Cos...

Portraits of winegrowers

Château Léoville Poyferré

Léoville Poyferré is now run by a woman! After almost 40 years presiding over the destiny of the chateau, Didier Cuvelier left over the reins to his cousin Sara Lecompte-Cuvelier in 2018. Last...

La cave d'Antoine Focus articles

Return to the true taste of wine

Best Sommelier of France 2018, appointed Personality of the Year by RVF in 2019, Pascaline Lepeltier declares: “I see myself as a symbol of the need to think about what we drink, what we eat. what...