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Le podium final où Raimonds Tomsons, pas encore 39 ans, fait figure de doyen. Latest news of the sommellerie

16th ASI contest of the Best Sommelier of the World:

Aged only 27 years and for his first presence on an ASI international event as a candidate, the German professional has transcended expectations in a contest marked by two records with 66 candidates and 63 countries represented. After six very intense days (contest, masterclasses, tastings), the 16th edition of the ASI contest for the Best Sommelier of the World ended with the victory of the German candidate, Marc Almert. He thus unbelievably completes his first participation in a competition of the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale and offers his country a second title after... Read more


Emma Bastide a notamment été félicitée par Robert Desbureaux, l’un de ses professeurs à Toulouse et président de l’association des sommeliers-formateurs. Latest news of the sommellerie

Parity at the Jura Wine Trophy

Emma Bastide in the student sommelier category and Alexis Attal in the Professional category have won the contest organized during the Percée du Vin Jaune event. The 14th edition of the...

Les délégués de l’UDSF étaient réunis à Poligny dans un lycée professionnel hôtelier qui a longtemps formé de jeunes sommeliers. Latest news of the sommellerie

UDSF board meeting

The day after the Percée du Vin Jaune event, the association of Sommeliers from Jura-Franche Comté welcomed the French Sommellerie for a board meeting presided over by Philippe Faure-Brac.   The...

A droite, Dominique Milardi Latest news of the sommellerie

Dominique Milardi, new president of the sommeliers of Monaco

The head sommelier of Meridien Beach Plazza succeeds Patrice Frank who works at Hôtel de Paris and who finishes his third term of presidency.   After nine years spent at the head of the...

Latest news of the sommellerie

Best Craftsmen of France Sommelier

For the 70 candidates present in Montpellier for the first stage of the contest, the tests concealed some unexpected tricks. But at each stage it was the professional experience that was concerned...

De gauche à droite : Christophe Chiorboli, Freddy Faverot, Christophe Giraud, Franck Houel, Joël Guerini et Hervé Fort, président du jury. Latest news of the sommellerie

The Corsican sommellerie shows its dynamism

2017 finished brilliantly with the prize giving of the competition that rewards the best wine lists of the island and during masterclasses hosted by three top sommeliers.   Once the summer fever...

Outre les débats traditionnels qui accompagnent une assemblée, les membres de l'UDSF ont découvert le vignoble auvergnat en visitant notamment la cave Saint-Verny. Latest news of the sommellerie

UDSF general meeting in Clermont-Ferrand.

At the end of his first year at the presidency of the Union of French Sommellerie (UDSF) Philippe Faure-Brac and the members of UDSF gathered at Clermont-Ferrand. Some hundred participants have been...