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Gérard Basset, Marie-Luce Thiery, Paolo Basso et Nicolas Dubois Portraits of winegrowers

Champagne tour

Jeeper, born daring Jeeper, a strange name in the Champagne universe, symbol of the French liberation. In a few years’ time it has become one of the most audacious Champagnes. It dares an original design, the gastronomy, off the beaten tracks and frees its bubbles beside the greatest. It was known as the wine of the victory, it has been recognized as the wine of consecration: the brand launches a Premier Cru. Jeeper? The story of the brand started in 1949. It draws its name from the Willys Jeep given to Armand Goutorbe, a young intelligence officer who guided the allied forces, who got ... Read more

Portraits of winegrowers

Portraits of winegrowers

Champagne de Castelnau

100 years ago the De CASTELNAU Champagne was created, a brand with unusual foundations for a Champagne House. It owes its creation and its name to the will of a group of contractors of Epernay to pay...

S. Walasiak, O. Charriaud, A. Rosengren, B. Glory, D. Rieu, Frédéric (S.I.) Portraits of winegrowers


Cogevi, the largest Champagne cooperative, brings together eight hundred families from one hundred and forty villages, located mostly in the Marne Valley. It puts half a million bottles on the market...

Xavier Petit Portraits of winegrowers

Champagne By Fernand

The house sits on a gentle hillside. In the heart of the “Côtes des Blancs” (the ‘white coast’), along the Champagne route, between the towns of Epernay and Monmort-Lucy.   Vanessa is the...

Audrey et Jérôme Niziolek Portraits of winegrowers

Champagne A.J. Demière

The new cellar of Champagne A.J. Demière is set at the entrance of Fleury, on a natural promontory. The tasting room, built on the first floor of the cellar, with large bay windows, offers a...

Passage de témoin du père Didier Trichet à son fils Pierre Trichet. Portraits of winegrowers

Champagne Pierre Trichet

Vigneron de la 3ème génération, Pierre Trichet écrit de sa main, en 2015, une nouvelle page de l’histoire de l’exploi­tation familiale. Il modernise l’habillage de cuvées ancestrales, se les...

La famille Tribaut Portraits of winegrowers

Champagne Tribaut-Schloesser: innovation and tradition

Portrait Romery Champagne Tribaut-Schloesser Innovation and tradition Champagne Tribaut-Schloesser is one of the houses where savoir-faire is handed over from generation to generation...