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Yann et Frédéric (SI), T. Hamon, A. Rosengren, H. Pignio, O. Collin, E. Beaumard, M. d'Hainaut et G. Olivier Portraits of winegrowers

Champagne Ulysse Collin

Olivier Collin, winemaker and owner of Champagnes Ulysse Collin, is a person of high stature. Physically, he stands tall, at 6 foot 2 inches. For his winemaking abilities and for his intimate knowledge of the alchemy between soils and grapes, he stands also above average. And he stands out for his enthusiasm and generosity. He seems forever in high spirits, and has on his face the constant smile of a happy child.   He welcomes Arvid Rosengren, World Best Sommelier 2016, at his winery in Congy, with a couple of his single vineyard cuvees: ‘Les Enfers’ and ‘Les Roises’, both from the 2010... Read more

Portraits of winegrowers

A. Rosengren, Charlotte, Erick et Valentin de Sousa Portraits of winegrowers

Champagne de Sousa

For Erick De Sousa, head of the De Sousa family and Champagnes, winemaking is not just a profession. It is a dedication, almost a religious calling. His wines are the expression of that passion...

Y. Chapier, P. Basso, Frédéric (S.I.), A. Rosengren, C. Philipponnat, P. Faure-Brac, E. Allouche, Yann (S.I.) Portraits of winegrowers


The Philipponnat family has lived in Ay and Mareuil sur Ay, heart of the Champagne region, since the year 1522. It is the proud owner of a vineyard that includes the legendary Clos des Goisses, the...

Michel Bernard et son épouse Dominique Vergniaud Portraits of winegrowers

Château Beauchêne

Since 1971, Michel Bernard runs with his wife Dominique the vineyard they have developed since and in 2004, their eldest daughter Amandine joined the board. Today Château Beauchêne has become the hub...

Optiwine Portraits of winegrowers


Whether you are a simple wine lover or a grand sommelier, Optiwine is a universal, playful, and practical tool that works on every types of wines. You can take the “pocket decanter®” with you...

Portraits of winegrowers

Château de Lancyre, en Pic Saint-Loup

It is a wine of a single terroir, one plot (Madame) at the foot of Château de Lancyre, and divided by the small road that leads to the Roman chapel of Aleyrac. The peculiar terroir of this plot...

Château La Nerthe Portraits of winegrowers

Château La Nerthe

Wine producer since the 12th century, Château La Nerthe is situated right in the heart of Provence, some acres away from Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Visit of a domain filled with history. Situated in the...