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Lloyd Lippens Caroline et Chris Cardon Portraits of winegrowers

A Belgian flag flying over La Haye

What has changed at Château La Haye and Bellevue-Cardon since the arrival of Chris Cardon, a Flemish industrialist in the pharmaceutical world?   Fond of sports and fine wines Chris Cardon had a crush for the place when he ran the Medoc marathon. The story could have stopped then but the magic of Medoc, the vineyards sometimes overlooking the river and that can make only good wines urged him to come back. He ran once more on the D2 that unfolds its curves across the greatest Medoc chateaus, knocked at all doors to participate in the harvest, and between two strokes of shears, he found... Read more

Portraits of winegrowers

Portraits of winegrowers

Le château des Coccinelles

Winegrower Côtes du RhôneLe château des CoccinellesA family-owned estate founded in 1928 by Gabriel Fabre, in this region suffused with history, Château des Coccinelles is located between Nîmes and...

Jaboulet Portraits of winegrowers

Paul Jaboulet Aîne: its coat of arms is ‘L’Hermitage’!

Winegrower Côtes-du-RhônePaul Jaboulet Aîne : its coat of arms is ‘L’Hermitage’!Sommeliers International : Sommeliers International: Jaboulet, a family whose stronghold is found in the Côtes-du-...

lurton_pierre_chais Portraits of winegrowers

Château Marjosse The Entre-deux-Mers region, so wisely named “Little Tuscany

Winegrower BordeauxChâteau MarjosseThe Entre-deux-Mers region, so wisely named “Little Tuscany”This area is completely encircled from north to south, nestled between the Dordogne and the Garonne, fed...

Philippe-Faure-Brac Portraits of winegrowers

Philippe Faure-Brac is now also a winegrower!

For many years, Philippe Faure-Brac had been cherishing the idea of investing and becoming involved in a wine estate. But Philippe Faure-Brac, owner of the ‘Bistrot du Sommelier’ restaurant in...

Portraits of winegrowers

Château Clos Haut-Peyraguey

Portrait de Vignerons Bordeaux Château Clos Haut-Peyraguey­­­At the top of a hill, on the peak of the Bommes plateau, in its commanding position stands one of the finest estates of the Sauternes...