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Portraits of winegrowers

Château Léoville Poyferré

Léoville Poyferré is now run by a woman! After almost 40 years presiding over the destiny of the chateau, Didier Cuvelier left over the reins to his cousin Sara Lecompte-Cuvelier in 2018. Last October she welcomed Nelson Chow, the president of the sommeliers of Hong Kong and China for a lovely vertical tasting of Château Léoville Poyferré.   The harvest time was coming to an end but the chateau was still buzzing with activity. An opportunity for Nelson Chow to observe, at the entrance of the cellars, the sorting done. Léoville Poyferré operates a selective picking, then a manual sorting on... Read more

Portraits of winegrowers

Portraits of winegrowers

Château La Commanderie

The beautiful red brick building, once the property of an officer of Napoleon, displays nothing ostentatious. It is said, however, that the name Commanderie would refer to the Order of the Knights...

Henry Clemens (S.I), Paolo Basso, Olivier Fargeot et Yann (S.I.) Portraits of winegrowers

Château Arnauld

The magistrate of Bordeaux, Pierre-Jacques Arnauld, bought in the 17th century the Priory of Arcins which became the Cru Arnauld before being renamed Château Arnauld. It is said that the Priory of...

Alain Brumont et Nelson Chow sur la parcelle de La Tyre. Portraits of winegrowers

Vignobles Brumont

He knows every single pebble, has dug holes everywhere he says laughing, studied, analyzed every inch of his land ... Alain Brumont quickly realized that it was not at the bottom of the valley that...

Portraits of winegrowers

Château La Haye

This rough diamond from Saint-Estèphe was taken over by the Cardon family in 2012. Chris Cardon, a pharmaceutical manufacturer, manages the estate with his son-in-law Lloyd Lippens. Hectare after...

Portraits of winegrowers

Société Gimex, innovation & quality!

Founded in Palaiseau 28 years ago, Gimex specializes in standard packaging, customization and more specifically in bottle packaging.   What makes Ice.bag® successful for years? At first, wine...

Ariane Khaida Portraits of winegrowers

Duclot: Into the limelight

The house Duclot has the discreet charm of the historic merchants of Bordeaux, recognized for its professionalism. Since her arrival in 2014, the dynamic Ariane Khaida has done ground work to give...