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Éric Beaumard Latest news of the sommellerie

Éric Beaumard, born purist!

In a luxury book entitled “The wines in my life” (Editions de la Martinière), the manager of Le Cinq, the restaurant of the Four Seasons George V Paris, recounts with emotion some of the best moments of his career. Best Young Sommelier of Brittany in 1985, Best Sommelier of France in 1992, of Europe in 1994, vice world champion in Vienna in 1998, Eric Beaumard has been practicing for 38 years with charisma and elegance a profession that only fate led him to. Native from Brittany, trained cook, he got aware about sommellerie thanks to Chef Olivier Roellinger. Icon of the profession, his... Read more

Latest news of the sommellerie

Latest news of the sommellerie

Ruben Kwakman, Best Sommelier of the Netherlands 2014

Contest Venlo RUBEN KWAKMAN,Best Sommelier Of The Netherlands 2014 On Monday 22nd September, the Dutch Association of Sommeliers (NGS) organized, in partnership with...

Antoine Lehebel Latest news of the sommellerie

The best sommelier of Belgium has been appointed!

On Sunday, October 12th the finals of the Contest of the Best Sommelier of Belgium 2014-2015 took place. This competition has been organized in partnership by the Association of Sommeliers...

Philippe Faure-Brac, Serge Dubs, Michel Hermet, Jean-Luc Jamrozik et Olivier Poussier ont félicité le vainqueur qui est membre de l'association des sommeliers de Paris. Latest news of the sommellerie

Jonathan Bauer-Monneret : an Alsatian crowned in Burgundy

28th Contest of the Best Sommelier of France Beaune Jonathan Bauer-Monneret:AN ALSATIAN CROWNED IN BURGUNDY The Alsatian aged 29 who works at Restaurant...

Les délégués de 38 pays étaient présents début juillet à Reims. Latest news of the sommellerie

A.G. OF L’A.S.I. Reims

Created in June 1969 in Reims, the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale has come back on its native land. The entrance of new associations and the scheduling of the next great contests were...

 Remise du Prix Emozioni Latest news of the sommellerie

13th A.S.I. Contest of the Best Sommelier of Europe

Paul Brunet, first winner of the Emozioni prize You can be 78 years old (yes, Paul Brunet is actually 78!) and still have a glimmer of emotion in your eye when receiving an award. It must be said...

Arvid Rosengren Latest news of the sommellerie

Arvid Rosengren

At 28 years old, Arvid Rosengren is the new Best Sommelier of Europe. To reach this summit, however, he did not follow the traditional path …   In fact, without chance playing a part, he would...