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Lloyd Lippens Caroline et Chris Cardon Portraits of winegrowers

A Belgian flag flying over La Haye

What has changed at Château La Haye and Bellevue-Cardon since the arrival of Chris Cardon, a Flemish industrialist in the pharmaceutical world?   Fond of sports and fine wines Chris Cardon had a crush for the place when he ran the Medoc marathon. The story could have stopped then but the magic of Medoc, the vineyards sometimes overlooking the river and that can make only good wines urged him to come back. He ran once more on the D2 that unfolds its curves across the greatest Medoc chateaus, knocked at all doors to participate in the harvest, and between two strokes of shears, he found... Read more


Karim Rabatel Prestige stopovers

Karim Rabatel: ‘ambassador’ in Béziers

A sommelier's Secret Garden BéziersKarim Rabatel,"ambassador in BéziersAfter a prosperous period that saw many families from Béziers gain riches thanks to the profits of wine trade, the city...

Mylene Doux Under the spotlights

Cahors, authentic Malbec

Focus on an appellation Cahors CAHORS, authentic Malbec Mylène Doux, œnologist Syndicat de défense du vin de CahorsThe delimited area of Cahors covers approximately 20000 hectares; the area currently...

Cahors Verre Under the spotlights

The revenge of Cahors’ “black wine”

Focus on an appellation CahorsThe revenge of Cahors’ “black wine”The eventful history of Quercy’s winegrowing area shows the determination and tenacity of vine growers who believed in...

Laurentin Achim World

The world of sommellerie and an empire of the senses

World RoumaniaLaurentin Achim,The world of sommellerie and an empire of the sensesRomania’s most well-known sommelier has set up his own business, “5enses Tasting”, on Romana Square, a legendary...

Roumanie World

Special Roumania

World RoumaniaSpecial RoumaniaMr Nicolae Grigoreanu - Ministre Conseiller - Ambassade de Roumanie"“If Romania did not exist, we would have to invent it!”…"It offers so much diversity, so many...

Pierre Lurton Under the spotlights

Saga Lurton : Pierre Lurton, following his Mentor’s approach

Vignerons Bordeaux Saga Lurton 2/2Pierre Lurton, following his Mentor’s approach…Burgeon on the trellised vine, the “tree of knowledge” and later continue to grow in the shade of Great Men of the...