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Sierra de Gredos Breakaways in the vineyards

Garnacha de Gredos: The hidden treasure

Despite its close proximity with Madrid by auto and rail, Spain’s ‘Sierra de Gredos’ wine region is relatively unknown to the informed wine pro. Its establishment as a modern wine-producing dates only to the 1990s while the economic difficulties beginning in 2008 crippled these nascent efforts, and the occasional infighting, inability or unwillingness to embrace contemporary marketing methods, a lack of an identifiable Denomination of Origin or dynamic independent body to organize group efforts have prevented the hard-working and visionary vignerons and bodegas with unique wines from their... Read more



The Thummerer Wine Estate

World HungaryThe Thummerer Wine Estate in Eger: Stronghold of “Bikaver” CAVE DE THUMMERER Szomolyai u. H-3325 NOSZAJ Tél. / Fax : +36.36.463.269 Located 12 km from Eger, Noszvaj is a superb baroque...


The Disznóko Wine Esate revives Tokay

World HungaryThe Disznóko Wine Esate revives TokayThe Disznóko estate, named “Wild Boar’s Rock”, covers 100 hectares in one single plot of land and stands in a glorious location in the southern part...


Fabok Mihaly, Hungary’s Best Sommelier 2004/2005/2006

World HungaryFabok Mihály,Meilleur Sommelier de Hongrie 2004/2005/2006Does your wine culture stem from your family origins or a coincidence? It comes from my grandfather in fact. When I was about...


Kalman Kozma

World HungaryKalman KOZMA,President of Hungarian Sommelier Association, Manager of the Gundel Restaurant in BudapestAs president of the Hungarian Sommelier Association, tell us how you perceive the...


Winegrowing in Hungary

World HungriaWinegrowing in HungarySince 1990, the Hungarian winegrowing area has been divided into 22 regions which cover a total area of 150 000 hectares and produce approximately 4 million...


Vinarte, a magnificent marriage of italian elegance and romanian charm

World RoumaniaVinarte, a magnificent marriage of italian elegance and romanian charm This alliance produced three marvellous offspring, with three completely different characters: pleasant “Soare”,...