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a modern touch in a world full of history

Through a family history spanning 5 generations dating back to 1890, DELJOY’s unique ambition is to (re)discover the world of cognac and liqueurs through an authentic, modern spirit.

DELJOY is a 100% natural, hand-crafted cognac and citrus liqueur, launched by Frédéric Delpeuch in early summer 2022. “I wanted to create a unique product, a symbol of our terroir, our family history and our creativity. I wanted it to be as accomplished as possible, both visually and to the taste.

DELJOY, whose name is a contraction of the historic Delpeuch-Joyeuxhouse,offers a surprising sensory and taste experience. The nose is intense, with an aromatic bouquet of citrus fruit and fresh ginger. The palate is fresh, fruity and slightly spicy, with great intensity. The cognac blends delicately with the citrus fruit to bring complexity and length. Perfect on the rocks, in cocktails and with food.

The DELJOY bottle, adorned with the brand’s signature citrus zest, features a gradation of colours to reflect the many citrus fruits in the recipe devised by Frédéric. “We chose to make our own mould to create a real identity for our brand”.

The eco-design aspect is also highlighted. From the selection of natural ingredients to the reduction in glass weight (a saving of 150g per bottle compared to the initial weight), not forgetting the use of a natural beech stopper and the limitation on the use of labels, everything has been designed to have the lowest possible environmental impact.

It’s a challenge that has already won over 250 customers (hotels, restaurants, cocktail bars, wine merchants and grocer’s shop) and won the company a number of awards (Bar des Innovations 2023, gold medal at the Concours International de Lyon, etc.).