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Sake, shochu and umeshu tastings

Hôtel de Sèze - Bordeaux

At the end of July, SommelierS International had the pleasure of allowing professional sommeliers to taste some fifteen sakes, shochu and umeshu that had won awards at the Kura Master competition.

Victor Dubillot, Xavier Lacombe, Valeria Tenison, Mattia Antonio Cianca, Christopher Lafay, Aris Allouche.

This competition for Japanese sakes, honkaku-shochu and awamori has been orchestrated every year in France since 2017. The jury is made up almost exclusively of French members, all chosen from among the finest in the sommelier world, including Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, sommeliers and bartenders from France's most prestigious establishments, experienced cellarmen, as well as leading professionals from the restaurant, hotel and gastronomy industries.

This partnership gives SommelierS International the opportunity to introduce its tasting panel, and its readers, to exceptional beverages, showcasing high quality beverages from a wide range of producing regions. This diversity enables sommeliers to explore the complexity of this essential beverage.

With the presence of Tomoko Pecon, RP of the Kura Master, the tasting, held at Bordeaux's Hôtel de Seze, offered guests the opportunity to appreciate the flavours and aromas of Asia, celebrating the richness and subtlety of these spirits.

Sandy Bénard-Ravoisier / Photo : Panajou


SommelierS International Tasting Committee

• Mattia Antonio Cianca : Best Sommelier of Italy 2019 -
  Best Sommelier of Australia 2017 – DipWSET
• Ari Choi : sommelier Restaurant Mokoji, Bordeaux
• Victor Dubillot : sommelier Clos des Millésimes, Bordeaux
• Xavier Lacombe : DipWSET and trainer, blogger and influencer
• Christopher Lafay : sommelier Maison Nouvelle, Bordeaux
• Valeria Tenison : Russia's Best Female Sommelier 2018 - ASI Gold - DipWSET

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