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a rum bar in a deconsecrated chapel

©Nicolas Fagot Studio9

The Domaine Reine Margot Paris Issy - MGallery, a new gem at the gates of Paris in a classified location, unveils a treasure at the heart of its estate. In a deconsecrated chapel, Monastic, a rum tasting bar, is a piece of history that is given a new lease of life here.

This historical monument in neo-Gothic style, a place of prayer and celebration for young priests who came to spend 9 months of religious training in this secluded place, until now hidden from the public, opens its doors and reveals itself for the pleasure of the eyes and palate. In addition to its half-dozen restored stained glass windows and high reliefs, one can observe 76 statues of disciples that add to the solemnity of this architecture.

With only about fifteen seats, it promises a privileged tasting experience.

The bar also boasts one of the largest rum collections in France. In total, it is a selection of nearly 400 agricultural, Spanish, and English references that are displayed like a precious library in the sacristy dressed in dark wood. Over 400 rums from more than 35 destinations and often from family distilleries are offered: for agricultural rums, in addition to the Martinique distillery La Favorite, enthusiasts can discover A1710 and Baie des Trésors, in addition to some pure cane juice rums like Chamarel from Mauritius or O Reizinho from Madeira. Among the essential Hispanic rums, alongside Botran, Diplomatico, and Santiago De Cuba, there are more confidential houses like Coloma in Colombia and Millonario in Peru. As for the drier, English-style rums, the range of one of the leaders, Angostura, is complemented here by an English Harbour from Antigua or, from Pusser’s Navy.

Réservations :
Open from Thursday to Saturday - 6pm-11pm