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Champagne Gremillet

Clos Rocher 2014

This 100% Pinot Noir comes from the 2014 harvest, produced with extremely selective vineyard sorting and perfect ripeness. The grapes are exclusively sourced from Clos Rocher, located in Les Riceys, in the Côte des Bar, where Pinot Noir reigns. Aged for a minimum of 7 years with a dosage of 7g/l, you have before you a champagne crafted with great sensitivity and humility. To fully appreciate it, let yourself be carried away by the words of the oenologist, Jean-Pierre Rodolphe Lédé: “Before tasting and savoring it, you must let yourself be carried away... It leads you, takes you, strolls you, offers you its arm for a walk in the garden, in a world of beauty that makes you dream - the Clos! Would you delicately bring your flute to your ear ... - Yes! And what do you hear? The song of birds, the song thrush, the blackbird, and the nightingale... The buzzing of bees, their song is so charming that we let ourselves be lulled ... It's magical ... Time stops and suspends itself ... Shall we walk a little, hand in hand, heart in paradise, and soul in the heavens... Here, the vine's tendrils form hearts, there, they entwine in a languorous waltz, the clusters are heavy and sun-soaked ... They promise to give birth to wonders ... Bringing it to your lips will be a sweet kiss that you will never forget”.

Tasting Review

Color: golden yellow with slight golden reflections, fine and intense bubbles.

Nose: precise, with beautiful aromatic finesse, featuring notes of red and black berries, opening up to slightly spicy notes.

Palate: the wine is delicious and generous, evolving in a beautiful balance. Finish with a lovely fruitiness.

Pairing: lamb chops Maréchale with truffles.

Comment: a rich and generous bottle that seduces us with its elegance.