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Beaucarnea, towards enhanced wine traceability

Beaucarnea is the brainchild of Tegwen Naveos. As a trained sommelier and famous chef with over 15 years of experience in his restaurants in Brittany and Switzerland, and now at the helm of the natural wine selling website Pur Jus, his passion for wine and entrepreneurship has led him to conceive this innovative tool.

The Beaucarnea capsule, designed and manufactured in France, in Pontarlier, in the Haut-Doubs region, came to life after 11 years of development and the validation of 3 patents. Beaucarnea is the result of meticulous engineering, drawing inspiration from luxury watchmaking. Integrated into the bottle's puncture, it records irreversibly the minimum and maximum temperatures endured by the bottle throughout its life, in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Thus, consumers have access to crucial information ensuring the quality and traceability of the wine.

In addition to monitoring temperatures, it also displays the current temperature of the bottle for optimal tasting. A 100% mechanical system that ensures maximum longevity and offers an unassailable solution against counterfeiting through ultrasonic welding.

In addition to recording the thermal variations undergone by the wine, Beaucarnea also certifies its origin through a unique number assigned to each customer, and its vintage through an international color code. After tasting, the capsule, made from bio-sourced plastic and biometal, is fully recyclable.

A technology and commitment to sustainability that pave the way for other markets such as spirits, as well as the medical, food, and chemical industries, and has earned the brand the gold medal at the Concours Lépine 2023.

Beaucarnea, a name that will continue to be heard!