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Liebherr, the new generation wine cellar


As a German refrigeration specialist, Liebherr has adapted over the years to the issues relating to wine cellar storage. Fresh air, hygrometry, vibration-free conditions, light and odour protection – new solutions have been put in place to offer consumers optimal storage.​


After renewing its range of built-in and free-standing refrigeration units over the last two years, Liebherr is now presenting a range of 14 innovative ageing cellars. The aim of these so-called “mono-temperature” ranges is to recreate the natural climate of an underground cellar.

Liebherr offers enthusiasts 6 GrandCru models and 5 GrandCru Sélection models, offering performance rivalling that of major equipment. Professionals will prefer the 3 Perfection models, with features and layouts designed for intensive use.

In these new models, the brand's fundamentals have been reinforced, ensuring a complete and up-to-date preservation solution. Starting with a continuous supply of fresh air and temperature control down to the degree, made possible by the introduction of two internal InfinityProtection probes, which protect the wines from temperature fluctuations. To ensure that the wine is kept in optimum air quality, Liebherr equips all its ageing cabinets with active carbon filters, which prevent the development of unpleasant odours. The 2023 wine cellar generation includes a new function reminding you to change the filter every six months to ensure an optimum storage climate.

The other key innovation is the adjustable humidity level, which ensures the cork retains its protective role. For the GrandCru and Perfection models, humidity can be set at two levels: low or high. Meanwhile, the GrandCru Sélection series provides active, automatic control in 5% steps, from 50% to 80%, and displays the actual humidity level at all times on the home screen (an alarm sounds if the humidity falls below 50%).

Wines need to be aged in low-vibration storage conditions. A fully insulated cooling system helps the wine to mature undisturbed. The new models boast reduced noise levels: 38 dB(A), suitable for living spaces, but also advantageous for long-term wine conservation.

The brand's new range also includes glass cabinets with reinforced triple glazing combining aesthetics and protection. This prevents the harmful effects of light and helps optimise energy performance (glass doors are rated F, solid doors E). Aesthetics are also enhanced by elegant lighting, with LED ceiling lighting for GrandCru models, an LED lighting column for GrandCru Sélection models, and a double column for Perfection models. Liebherr wine cellars are supplied with shelves made of rot-proof, untreated beechwood to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction. The layout is totally flexible, with the shelves adjustable in height every 3 cm, and bottles can be stored neck by neck to make full use of the storage capacity.

What's more, for the most valuable collections, GrandCru Sélection models include a door lock with a conventional lock, or a PIN code on Perfection models. Visual and audible alarms, as well as a lock on the control panel, provide additional protection.

Finally, Liebherr is always at the cutting edge of technology offering its customers permanent contact with their ageing cabinet. For GrandCru cellars, the SmartDeviceBox makes it possible to receive notifications via a smartphone, or to remotely adjust lighting systems or temperatures. This new generation of cellars is compatible with the on-board connectivity standard on GrandCru Sélection models.

Liebherr, the future of wine cellars!