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Art de Vignes comes to light in Seychelles


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Art de Vignes
comes to light
in Seychelles

This exceptionnal wine growers' club
organized a gastronomic week within two establishments of the Constance group.
A first large-scale action far from the Hexagon.

The Ephelia, quite new hotel complex of the Mauritian Constance group, welcomed this exceptional event made of tastings,
gala dinners and training sessions

Like Olivier Decelle, each wine grower explained his wines
to the young sommeliers of the Ephelia Constance Resort.

Chef Sommelier for the Constance Hotel Group, Jérôme Faure made a successful masterstroke. And for that, he chose to take advantage of the opening of the “Ephelia Constance Resort”, a hotel complex built in the northwest of the Mahé island. Nestled between two natural coves, near Port Launay, it offers 184 junior suites, 40 senior suites, 44 villas and even a presidential villa shrouded in vegetation and getting a view of the whole complex.
Thus, it is there that seven wine growers, member of the “Art de Vignes” club, agreed to be the essential actors of a unique gastronomic week in the Indian Ocean. Paul Amsellem of the Domaine Georges Vernay - Appellation Condrieu, explains: “Art de Vignes is a club which gathers wine growers who all - each of them from his part - associate the art with the wine. And it is this common point which led us to get closer, two years ago. For us, it is more about an approach of image than commercial. And when we meet on an event in France, we take advantage of it to establish contacts with the prescribers. Being involved in this first is for us a way of paying tribute to the work realized by Jérôme Faure, here. If, by ourselves, we would not have bent over the Constance group market, it is evident that it is far from being negligible, nowadays. And this is due to the work that he carries out with open and well-off customers.”

Training and
“food and wine matching” evenings

“Together, they give the picture of an elite. They produce sommelier wines which represent France. And moreover, they are a bunch of friends who quickly accepted the challenge which I proposed to them” underlines Jérôme Faure. He has the ambition to renew this very unique event which allows at once the wine growers to present their new vintage wines, to the customers of the various restaurants where take place the prestigious evenings to meet the men who produce these bottles which we find on the most beautiful tables of the world, and finally to the professionals of the place to improve their knowledge.
Because in this idyllic spot, these wine growers coming from the great wine-producing regions of the Hexagon, not only proposed a selection of their wines for each of the seven gala dinners organized at the “Ephelia” and the “Lémuria” (on Praslin island), but they also agreed to participate in training sessions intended for the six young sommeliers of the new resort. South African, Mauritian, Danish or French, all took advantage of this exceptional moment. “Training is here a daily reality, insists moreover Jérôme Faure. One hour a day is dedicated to this work with practice, tests and a marking system which allows the best one to be offered a stay in France or in South Africa”. Julie Jorald, young Mauritian girl, even won a complementary training at the “Université du Vin” in Suze-la-Rousse and prestigious training courses in France which gave her the opportunity to enrich her skills.

The «Art de vignes» team signed its first operation together outside
of the borders of the Hexagon.

An action on the initiative of a sommelier who, within a few months, will take the selections of the MOF with the will to go a little further than in 2004, when he was a finalist.

Jean Bernard

The sommeliers of Mauritius link up

When they do not participate in the opening of a new complex of the Constance group, Jérôme Faure and Jonathan Bauer Monneret are settled in Mauritius. And it is there that they laid the foundations, two years ago, for a sommeliers' association. They are about forty, now, representing the most luxurious amongst the establishments of this country. “We took a leaf out of the UDSF statutes, explains Jérôme Faure who still remains close to the “Association Languedoc-Roussillon Vallée du Rhône sud”, which he was member of. We try hard to be active in outings and in tastings. In 2009, we managed to gather on nine occasions. We invited, for the first time, a French wine grower who displayed a training session and associated his wines with the realization of a gala dinner”.
A first competition of the Best Sommelier of Mauritius is launched and the name of the prize-winner will be known by the end of the summer 2010. “It will be only opened to the Mauritians. They are professionals who discover our job without any a priori assumption on wines. No matter the country of origin or the label. If it is good, it is good! Full stop...”
Jérôme Faure also wants to give a very local aspect to his action. “The first aim is to associate these young local professionals with all our activities. They have to live what we knew upon our arrival, when we were organizing meals matching food and wines, among expatriates. Then, we must be the closest possible to the Mauritian catering school to keep on improving the quality of the training in the field of wine”.

Jérôme Faure et Jonathan Bauer Monneret ont animé
les différentes dégustations avec l'appui des vignerons.

They are «Art de vignes»

The operation organized in Seychelles mobilized seven of the members of the “Art de vignes” club.
They were Paul Amsellem (Domaine Georges Vernay - Condrieu), Jacky Barthelmé (Domaine Albert Mann - Alsace), Jean-Marc Boillot (Domaine Jean-Marc Boillot - Bourgogne), Olivier Decelle (Château Jean Faure – Saint Emilion and Mas Amiel - Maury), Thierry Germain (Domaine des Roches neuves - Val de Loire), Alphonse Mellot (Domaine de la Moussière - Sancerre) and Marc Perrin (Château de Beaucastel, Châteauneuf-du-Pape).
In 2011, they have the ambition to meet in Rome, in a prestigious place as the “Villa Medicis” or the “Palais Farnese”, to present their wine with this touch of originality in their approach which makes all their personality.

Association Art de Vignes