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Gin Orion de la distillerie Pégasus. Encounters

Distillerie Pégasus 

  1/ Introduce us to the Pegasus distillery.  I have spent most of my life since I was 18 in England where I discovered the world of fine spirits, cocktails and mixology. I came back to France in...

News of the spirits world

Pousse Rapière prepares its 60th anniversary

Château de Monluc takes advantage of the upcoming anniversary of its iconic Pousse Rapière liqueur and arrives with a new “hyper trendy” bottle! Created in 1963, the famous Pousse Rapière liqueur...

Rémi Boinaud News of the spirits world

Cognac De Luze

New slogan, simple speech and moder-nised packaging: Cognac De Luze is marking its 200th anniversary by the brand’s founding pillars, created in 1822.   Cognac De Luze is made from the most...

Eric Gottelmann News of the spirits world

Sakes perceived by sommeliers

Sakes become essential on the European market. The sommeliers recognize the interest of its taste. The Kura Master competition was created in 2017 at the initiative of Kei Miyagawa and Xavier...

News of the spirits world

Glooters: France's first ever edible cocktails!

Laurent Sicard and Joffrey Tristan, two young entrepreneurs from Toulouse, have created the brand Glooters, cocktail capsules congealed with agar agar, a naturally gelling algae. Inspired by the...


Maison Benjamin Kuentz

Share your philosophy with us. “What if the French had invented whiskey? Which direction would we have taken?” That is my philosophy. That of creating whiskeys that reflect our terroir and our know...