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2023: Pousse Rapière celebrates its 60th anniversary!


The famous Pousse Rapière cocktail was created in 1963 by René Lassus, at the Château de Monluc in Saint-Puy, and over time has established itself as the welcome cocktail of the Gers.

Although the exact recipe is kept secret, the result of mixing Pousse Rapière liqueur (armagnac liqueur flavored with bitter orange) and Vin Sauvage (sparkling wine of traditional method), it has remained unchanged for 60 years.

However, for its anniversary, the bottle is adorned with a black glass, all in elegance. Imagined and designed in-house, its new adornment was developed by the company Saverglass and offers, in addition to this beautiful black color, reliefs indicating the brand Monluc and its anchorage on the village Saint-Puy. The whole with a decorated screw cap.

In order to adapt to consumers, Château Monluc has chosen to present its cocktail in 70cl or 35cl format, offering 3 different degrees of alcohol: 20, 24 and 36 degrees, each with its own color code. The 36-degree version is a new arrival, with the ambition to seduce the world of cocktails and mixology. These new vintages will, of course, be promoted on the export markets of the Club des Marques, notably China and the United States.

A rich and varied range

If it is famous for its Pousse Rapière cocktail, the Monluc brand also offers quality wines and spirits.

There are still wines from the vineyards of the Côtes de Gascogne, such as Les Aubaines de Goupil, le M de Monluc, in bag in box, and La Garde de Monluc, a top-of-the-range wine.

There is also the famous Vin Sauvage Blanc Brut Méthode Traditionnelle, described as the Gascon Spritz when combined with the Pousse Rapière liqueur. Both have the same origin, the same terroir located on the Gascon hills. A balance is then established by a perfect alliance between the two alcohols.

Finally, Monluc elaborates, according to a peasant and Gascony family tradition, numerous armagnacs, flocs and liqueurs. For wine lovers, a fine collection of vintages and a range of blends are offered at 43%. 5, 15, 25 years old or the XO Ténarèze cuvée, there is something for everyone.

Although it is renowned in Gascony, Château de Monluc is now ready to conquer France and, why not, the world!

Sandy Bénard-Ravoisier / Photos Château de Monluc