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Vinturi aerator

no time to breathe


The Vinturi wine aerator speeds up the aeration process with ease. Simply pour the red wine through the Vinturi, and the system will deliver the right amount of air in the required time.

The principle is based on fluid technology (Bernoulli). The faster the speed of a fluid, the lower the pressure in the fluid. As the wine passes through the Vinturi, the speed of the wine is accelerated and the pressure is reduced. The pressure difference mixes the wine with the incoming air, ensuring perfect aeration. The wine breathes instantly, with no need to wait for decanting, and offers a better bouquet, intensified aromas and a smoother finish.

All the flavors open up to the consumer, as Vinturi develops all the aromas and nuances of the wine. Aromas are exalted, with a unique flavor that's both richer and more perfumed, with a better mouthfeel. Aeration also provides a more subtle finish, where tannins are softened, for optimal tasting.

In addition, the modern, elegant design of the aerator blends perfectly with any table and makes it, why not, the ideal gift for anyone who appreciates wine.

The Vinturi is supplied with a holder and filter to retain any deposits in the bottle. Its high-grade acrylic makes it dishwasher-safe and will not deteriorate over time. The range comprises three flagship tools: Vinturi Classique (aerator, holder, filter), Deluxe (aerator, display tower, holder, filter) and On Bottle, which attaches directly to the bottle. The right aerator for every occasion.

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