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Friax, the Chill'loop air conditioning revolution

Chill' loop is the new split wine cellar air-conditioning concept, based on a discreet, customisable design and chilled water loop technology, available in two models.

Chill' loop H2OA, finition Céos.


The Chill’ loop H2OX provides a flexible split system without the constraints of a refrigeration system. This wall-mounted unit turns any insulated room into an ideal wine cellar. The standard Vintage finish includes heating to limit temperature differences between the different seasons and the HGR% humidification system.

The Chill’ loop H2OA is easy to install, for made-to-measure cabinets. Its new gloss black PMMA casing leaves it visible without detracting from the aesthetics of the space in which it is installed. Installed on a partition, it is equally well suited to small cellars. With a Céos finish as standard, it also incorporates the HGR% humidification system, designed to adjust the humidity in cellars that are too dry.

These air conditioners only need to be connected using a few quick-fit connectors. Simply add water to obtain a cellar temperature of between 8 and 16°C. Their RSF remote control, which displays temperature and humidity, means you can control the air conditioning of your cellar from anywhere in the house. WineSupervisor technology also allows you to stay connected to your cellar at all times, whatever your environment, using a tablet or smartphone.

The Chill' loop is designed to last and uses the most modern, energy-efficient ventilation technologies. The R290 refrigerant charge in the unit's refrigeration circuit reduces the air conditioner's impact on global warming. The heat transfer fluid used to cool your cellar is nothing more and nothing less than water.