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French Bloom unveils its first alcohol-free vintage


In the luminous setting of the Orangerie at the George V Hotel in Paris,
Rodolphe Frerejean-Taittinger chose to reveal the new cuvée from his house,
French Bloom - a non-alcoholic 2022 Vintage Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine,
aptly named 'La Cuvée'.

The venue was fitting for the occasion, both elegant, sophisticated, exclusive, and intimate. Echoing the wine presen­ted, charming, complex, distinguished, and full of character.

French Bloom was born in 2019, driven by the desire of Rodolphe Frerejean-Taittinger, his wife Maggie (with experience at the Michelin Guide), and their friend Constance Jablonski, to produce complex and enjoyable non-alcoholic sparkling wines. Maggie was pregnant and pondering what to drink when traditional wines were off-limits. Now a leader in the super-premium non-alcoholic sparkling category, present in 32 countries, French Bloom is featured in the most prestigious Michelin-starred restaurants, as well as luxury hotels and department stores.

Following the success of the Le Rosé and Le Blanc cuvées, which won the title of the best non-alcoholic sparkling wine in the world in 2022 and 2023, Cuvée Vintage 2022 is the third-born of the house and the most ambitious! The wine is 100% organic, without sulfites, additives, or added sugar. It embodies the ideal of conscious consumption. This cuvée is the result of four years of research and experimentation. “We had to deconstruct everything to rebuild everything”, explains Rodolphe Frerejean-Taittinger, drawing on his expertise in Champagne and Cognac.

It all starts in the vineyard. For the first time in the world of non-alcoholic winemaking, the process of revealing the 0.0% wine by French Bloom includes working on the wine's development with the goal of de-alcoholizing it later.

Rodolphe Frerejean-Taittinger et Maggie.





The organic chardonnays are grown in Languedoc, on high hillside plots to encourage better concentration and greater aromatic complexity. Harvesting takes place very early to preserve high acidity. The clear juice is fermented and then aged for over six months in new oak barrels and, for a small part, in stainless steel tanks. “Ageing is essential to allow the wine to reach its plenitude, or peak maturity”, says Rodolphe Frerejean-Taittinger. The crucial step of de-alcoholization comes next. It is done by vacuum distillation at low temperature with the recovery of the wine's original aromas, an exclusive method developed by French Bloom. The difficulty is that in wine, alcohol concentrates most of the aromas. Too often, its removal deprives the wine of character, even taste. This is the opposite here. The French Bloom La Cuvée Vintage 2022 presents a rich and surprising aromatic profile. The surprise begins with the intense old gold slightly coppery color. The bubbles are fine, and the foam is delicate. The nose is powerful, complex, full of freshness, with aromas of candied fruits, figs, dried apricots, and hazelnuts. The palate is full and lively, with notes of candied fruits and hints of nuts, reminiscent of an aged chardonnay. The finish is long and salivating, with a touch of bitterness and almond notes. The overall result is a gastronomic wine worthy of the finest tables. Because the Cuvée Vintage 2022 — to be produced in 17,000 bottles — is not just for a teetotal audience. It is for all wine enthusiasts who want to occasionally savor a bottle without fearing intoxication.

Available for the suggested retail price of €109 per bottle in its wooden case at the finest wine merchants and on

Gérald Olivier
Photos : French Bloom