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Champagne Frèrejean Frères

Family, tradition, excellence

“Our desire is to craft Champagnes in the style of grand wines, to achieve excellence, perfection and to make of this quest a signature in its own.”

Guillaume, Rodolphe et Richard Frèrejean Taittinger

Fond of enology, Guillaume, Rodolphe and Richard Frerejean Taittinger founded in 2005 their own independent Premier Cru and Grand Cru Champagne house, unique signature of an exceptional terroir. Their purist values led them to design a precious, daring and rich nectar. The first of their specificities is to work one only terroir classed Premier and Grand Cru. This allows them to produce wines that have a signature of their own and that reveal a real authenticity. “We could mix terroirs and choose grapes of lesser quality, but we would be unable to create prestige Champagnes. Our vines are among the best in Champagne and we are proud to know exactly where the grapes that enter our cuvees come from. Few houses can boast of this.”

The house offers only top quality Premier and Grand Cru wines, expert blends of the two best grape varities of the appellation, crafted  according to the rules and with care for the traditions. The Frèrejean Frères house is located in Avize, a Champagne village classed Grand Cru. Its precious cuvées are the result of a selection of grapes from the best vines. These wines gracefully meet the brothers' desire to transmit the excellence of the Champagne terroir. Each plot of vines is for them a unique treasure.

“Our champagnes are crafted traditionally and by hand. They are made using the best plots of vines. They are wines of character, both complex and elegant.”


The house's rigorous know-how is evidence of a certain talent for relevant blends and the great respect of the conservations. Guided by the search for authenticity and transparency, the house only works two of the most noble grape varieties of the appellation, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from the Côte des Blancs area. This gives the wine a perfect balance between vivacity and finesse. Another golden rule: Champagnes are disgorged late, very slightly dosed to not alter the taste, and age in the cellar between six and twelve years.

“Frèrejean Frères is a prestige Champagne for connoisseurs and wine lovers who want to stand out thanks to a wine that delicately signs a return to the terroir and savoir-faire.”

Among the exceptional bottlings, you'll find “VV26” made with the house's oldest vines (between 50 and 90 years old), “Cuvée des Hussards”, or the brand new rosé vintage 2012. The Frèrejean Frères cuvees are gourmet, subtle, neat and refined.

Frèrejean Frères, the respect for tradition and quality, for elegant Champagnes.