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Breakaways in the vineyards

Travel journal, by Stéphane Derenoncourt

Clos Stegasta, Tinos The beauty of a wine production site is often not unrelated to the aesthetics of the wine produced. The place inspires. It leads you to understand, through the nature of the soils, the climatology, or the surrounding vegetation, what the strengths and weaknesses are, almost instinctively prompting the appropriate technical responses. But sometimes, the place strikes you. It's a shock that unsettles you, bewilders you, and disorients you, a rare and strange feeling. In the heart of the Aegean Sea, a few nautical miles from the bustling Mykonos, emerges the island of... Read more


Marie et Philippe Niarfeix Focus

Château Chêne Liège in Pomerol

Although Pomerol is full of cult references, the appellation also boasts many small properties, some of which have kept a strong family dimension. This is the case of Château Chêne Liège, owned by...


Château Petit Val

When Jean-Louis and Olivia Alloin decided to invest in the Bordeaux vineyards, Château Petit Val was a step back to their roots. After more than forty years in business, Jean-Louis Alloin, the son...



Château Montlabert has been promoted to the status of Grand Cru Classé as part of the 2022 Saint-Emilion Wine Classification. This classification marks an exciting new chapter in the story of the...


Domaine de Chevalier Millésime 2020

2020, an intense and concentrated vintage. The hot and dry summer until September gave small berries with a thick skin and little juice. The wine has been carefully aged in barrels in order to tame...



France Boissons has been creating its own wines and distributing wines from its partners to HORECA customer since 1976. The company is the privileged partner of its 50,000 CHR customers throughout...

Pont romain de Sommières. Getaway

Getaway in the Gard

The Gard region is full of wonders that will awaken our five senses. From the Cévennes to the Camargue, passing through Beaucaire, Sommières or Nîmes, the enchantment is guaranteed.   Jérôme...