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SommelierS International Salon Meet the Pros

Intercontinental Bordeaux Le Grand Hôtel

Whether red, white, rosé, still, or sparkling, wine is an integral part of French heritage. Once again, SommelierS International sought to highlight this heritage through its Meet the Pro salon. Over 200 professional tasters (sommeliers, importers, restaurateurs, wine merchants, bloggers) paraded through the majestic halls of the Intercontinental Bordeaux Grand Hôtel, where around 40 producers of wines, spirits, and accessories showcased their innovations and expertise.

This expertise was highly appreciated by the two masters of ceremonies, Raimonds Tomsons, ASI Best Sommelier of the World 2023 and ASI Best Sommelier Europe-Africa 2017, and Mattia Antonio Cianca, Best Sommelier of Italy 2019 and Best Sommelier of Australia 2017.

Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Languedoc Roussillon, Provence, Loire Valley, and Rhône Valley, the greatest wine regions were represented.

A multitude of talented winemakers, whose cuvées were enhanced by our gastronomic partners: Orza and its limited edition, vintage 2015, 9-year-aged Iberian Bellota ham, Routioutiou oysters whose salinity paired wonderfully with champagnes and other white wines, as well as Maison Noble caviar and the superb cheeses from Fromagerie Beillevaire, which with their multiple aromas, opened up possibilities for pairing. For a sweet touch, the delicate and round chocolates from Cadiot Badie offered a new dimension to the wines tasted.

An event that once again showed, if it was still necessary, that France is undeniably inseparable from its attachment to good food and the producers who work every day to bring consumers uncompromising gastronomic pleasure.

Sandy Bénard-Ravoisier
Photos : Artiste Associé photographes


Our partners:

Verres Lehmann, Coravin, Manufacture de coutellerie Thiers.



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