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the art to awake your wine!


Whether you are a simple wine lover or a grand sommelier, Optiwine is a universal, playful, and practical tool that works on every types of wines. You can take the “pocket decanter®” with you wherever you go and use it with your friends to sublimate all your tasting moments. Optiwine wakes up your wine for a beautiful gustatory choreography.

Interview of
Olivier Caste and Michael Paetzold, the “pocket carafe®” inventor

Can you present Optiwine®?
Optiwine® aims at sublimating your wine by smoothly waking up the aromatic molecules thanks to nano-aeration. After 3 years of research on the aeration of wines, we observed that a large number of gustatory molecules remained unexploited in the tasting. Generally, with the traditional openings, as you expose your wine to “hyper oxygenation”, a phenomenon starts very quickly: the destructive oxidation. The Optiwine® method of nano-aeration thus brings a quantity of oxygen up to 100 times lower for an optimal aeration of the wine to bring it to its highest potential, and delay this destructive oxidation.

An optiwiner for each wine?
The vintage and the type of wine (red, white, rosé) are determining factors concerning the ideal amount of oxygen necessary to wake up their aromatic molecules. That is why we developed a complete range of optiwiners. The optiwiner n°4 is made for red wines of 4 years or less; n°6 is for red wines from 5 to 10 years old as well as whites and rosés of less than 2 years. Finally, the n°8 is used for red wines of more than 10 years and whites and rosés of more than 2 years. The “pocket decanter®” Optiwine adapts itself and thus is a solution to all the problems of the degustation lovers.

Why use Optiwine rather than a classical decanter?
First of all, it enables to avoid the shock in the opening and the hyper oxygenation of the traditional decanting. The biggest advantage is a considerable time saving. Indeed, only 15 minutes on average are enough before tasting. Whether you are a simple amateur or a great professional, Optiwine® aims to be affordable, easy of use and playful, unbreakable and transportable everywhere. The various boxes of the range meet everyone’s expectations.

But concretely how does it work?
The operational mode is very simple. We intervene in the opening of the bottle. After having uncorked it, you just need to place the adequate optiwiner on the bottle while pressing on it. By tilting very delicately the bottle 3 times, you wake up your wine smoothly. Wait about ten minutes before serving, even a little more if the wine presents some deposit. This operation assures the nano-aeration of the wine and introduces its aromatic opening.

How is it welcomed by the professionals and the private individuals?
We benefit from a very good word of mouth both because of its simplicity of use and its uncluttered design. Certainly, it sometimes arouses the surprise and skepticism of some, because it is not an exact science and every wine reacts differently to nano-aeration. However, after the first tastings, it swiftly becomes the essential complement to the corkscrew.

What are your projects for 2017 ?
The Optiwine® process is patented worldwide. Our priority is to continue to develop the sales network and to sign a partnership with a great national and international chain. In parallel, to pursue the professional tastings in order to gather the largest number of ambassadors among the wine growers, the sommeliers and the restaurant owners.

Interview by Charlynne Zirah