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Albert Grivault

the incredible time travel

Domaine Albert Grivault celebrated its 140th anniversary this year. An estate that is still, 4 generations later, the pride of the founder’s descendants. And makes happy the lovers of the famous Clos des Perrières in Meursault.

Michel Bardet et Paolo Basso

Meursault Premier Cru Clos des Perrieres over 50 years old served to 120 happy tasters at the Event Center in Beaune on May 20, 2019! Few estates can afford such luxury today. Not by lack of means, but simply because most Burgundy producers only bottle their production since the 1970s. Previously, they sold most often to the trade. Another condition to fulfill: to have terroirs that can give birth to wines capable of such ageing and to have had the wisdom to put a few bottles aside ...

These exceptional conditions–obviously–the domain Albert Grivault, and more precisely Michel Bardet, met them. Albert Grivault’s grandson paid tribute to his grandfather, founder of the estate 140 years earlier. The opportunity to see once again that Clos des Perrières is worth, by its consistency and complexity, the Grands Crus of Côte de Beaune.

Born in Meursault in 1856, Albert Grivault was a simple distiller among others in this village in the Côte de Beaune area. During the troubled period of the phylloxera crisis, he had the opportunity to purchase the famous Clos from Marquis de la Troche’s heirs. Good fortune continued to accompany him since in 1888, he created a distillery in Beziers to produce an original alcohol: ‘Fin Béziers’. Meanwhile, the fame of his Burgundy estate was growing. He won a gold medal at the Agricultural Competition of Paris in 1897. The archives of the estate contain today an impressive collection of rewards won during the following decades until today... The oldest one evidence that well before the advent of the appellations of controlled origins, Clos des Perrières was an identified climat recognized for its quality.

The reason for such constancy is of course to find in the terroir: 94 ares and 52 centiares above which the good fairies of wine geology have leaned over. Clos des Perrières is geologically placed as the middle band of Montrachets, itself at 260 meters altitude. Sheltered from the winds, this enclave of the Premier Cru Meursault Perrières extends on gentle slopes in the heart of the finest vineyards of the Côte des Blancs area. The south/south-east exposure makes it possible to reach good maturities whatever the vintage. Visually, the whole exudes a serene harmony, haven of peace for Chardonnays placed in ideal conditions to give the best of themselves.

We bet that Michel Bardet’s children, Claire and Henri-Marc, today at the head of the estate, will be able in a few years to get from the cellar some treasures with an amber color and mesmerizing aromas of grilled hazelnut, wax, caramel ...

Laurent Gotti



Ce qu’en pense Paolo Basso

Albert Grivault, Meursault Perrières 1er Cru 2017
Bright golden yellow. Discreet nose with aromas of hawthorn, yeast, a touch of golden apples. A very nice palate, tasty and unctuous, a beautiful mineral touch, good body and a solid structure, a long and tasty finish with intense retro-olfaction on candied citrus and a fine oakiness.


Albert Grivault, Meursault Clos des Perrières 1er Cru 2017
Bright golden yellow. An intense and open nose with aromas of lemon, white melon, brioche and delicate vanilla. Rich and dense palate with a very nice creaminess, firm and solid structure with a distinguished style, tasty. Fairly persistent finish with lemon and white pepper in retro-olfaction.



Domaine Albert Grivault,
7, place du Murger
21190 Meursault
+33(0)3 80 21 23 12