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The spirit fairs in France

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The alcoholic beverages universe has never attracted as many hedonists and epicureans. In research of new experiences, these demanding amateurs and connoisseurs find in these targetted fairs an array of flavours, scents and savoir-faire. The bar and sommellerie professionals find new inspiration to meet the expectations of their customers with a top-notch and trend-seaking offer. It not is an option then to escape the spirits and other specialties now aroused by curiosity and diversity.

Cocktails Spirits, Whisky Live & Fine Spirits, Rhum Fest , the fair Spirits, SIAL, the International Agriculture fair and its general agricultural contest, Vinexpo, SIRHA, Equip’Hôtel, the Saké fair or Paris Quintessence fill the 2016/2017 calendar of the high points of the spirits world in France. It also comprises parallel events organized by the brands. These appointments spur the trend that lead the professionals to propose in their establishments consumption modes for any moment of degustation, always with moderation.

From the original liqueur to the range of brandy extract in sprays, old fashioned specialties and rare bottlings, the spirits producers show an effervescent creativity. The brands, the appellations or the product families organize inspired encounters hosted to boost innovation.

By welcoming large scale events since fifteen years Paris reinforces the image of a driving force for new consumption modes and especially seals the success of the ‘cocktail attitude’. The capital city with its wide offer of speakeasies and cocktail bars becomes the showcase of products from all over the world. In prestigious or original places the city welcomes these fairs where the brands present their latest creations.


Jon Tregenna (Penderyn) au Whisky Live

Palais de la Mutualité, Cité de la Mode et du Design, Maison Rouge, Parc Floral or Pavillon Ledoyen turn into ephemeral temples of spirits. Producers and distributors offer for tasting their latest cuvees, their discoveries, daring blends, carefully selected single casks of whisky, rum, gin, vodka, liqueurs and others products preciously kepts in numbered bottlings … Alongside the show floor the trend of premium products is obviously booming.

The made in France concept established on the global spirit marketplace with a seal of quality, traditions and innovations. The French producers promoted excellence. They bet on the attractiveness of themed fairs initially based on whisky such as Whisky Live created by Thierry Benitah of La Maison du Whisky, then extended to fine spirits and cocktails, or more recently the Rhum Fest launched by Cyril Hugon to promote a wide range of rums of all origins. The goal is to propose sensory experiences with an aroma wheel, masterclasses and exceptional tastings of Hors d’Âge bottles in the presence of brand ambassadors, master distillers, internationally renowned bartenders and other experts like Alexandre Vingtier, Fernando Castellon, Philippe Jugé…


Luc Litschgi (Carry Nation, Marseille) et Luca Gargono

With a global ‘drink less but better’ policy the alcohol producers increased their participation in these fairs intended to surprise. The incredible success of these initiatory days is promising. The well-informed visitors and professionals participate with the same enthusiasm in the masterclasses, expert tastings and mixology workshops. This leads to an increasing interest for spiritourism with the same enthusiasm than the wine lovers have for wine tourism. Let us recall that one million people indulge themselves in spiritourism in France. Printemps des Liqueurs, the Heritage Days, the Taste Week and other events boost curiosity. The European meeting point of the cocktail culture undeniably is Cocktails Spirits created by Thierry Daniel and Eric Fossart, the founders of Liquid-Liquid, Whisky Live & Fine Spirits Paris—whose concept is exported to Shanghai and New York, London or Johannesburg— ease lovely encounters that may lead to the visit of distilleries.

Sarah Canonge