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Cognac De Luze

a 200th anniversary marked by renewal

New slogan, simple speech and moder-nised packaging: Cognac De Luze is marking its 200th anniversary by the brand’s founding pillars, created in 1822.

Rémi Boinaud

Cognac De Luze is made from the most prestigious AOC Cognac vintages, with a blend of Grande and Petite Champagne. This creates the Fine Champagne, Cognac De Luze and offers a range of quality and character: VS, VSOP, XO and EXTRA, with complex, fruity aromas and a delicate bouquet, which reveals all the finesse of the terroir. A subtle aromatic balance in which novices and connoisseurs alike can identify and find their ideal tasting style.

Cognac De Luze is celebrating its 200th anniversary by breaking the reputation of this elixir which is often considered as “elitist”. A frank, affordable and active cognac, these are the House’s values which are now finding a new echo. “We want to preserve the brand’s heritage while bringing it into line with the times”, explains Rémi Boinaud, master blender of Cognac De Luze.

“You don’t need to be a cognac connoisseur to appreciate all its facets”

Through a revamped communication, Cognac De Luze want to show that the cognac should not only be drunk on special occasions. It can be enjoyed on the rocks, in cocktails or as a food-pairing with cheese or meat, for example. The brand wants to build on the balance and finesse of its cognacs to open up new drinking opportunities to a younger audience. “Our objective is to democratise cognac among consumers in their thirties thanks to the fruity and floral notes of De Luze cognacs”, underlines Rémi Boinaud.

“Taste the finest”

For its 200th anniversary, the logo has also been redesigned around the wolf, whose line represents the strength and finesse of De Luze cognac. This logo, already present on the De Luze family coat of arms, has been brought back into focus to embody the brand’s values: nobility, mystery, freedom and family spirit.

As for the packaging, new boxes present the dominant aromas of each cognac and tasting suggestions that guide the novice consumer and seduce the regular customers. The family’ s coat of arms has two dominant colours: red, symbolising strength and power, and blue, for wisdom and character. To complete this brand renewal, Cognac De Luze is also renewing its wine tourism offer with exclusive, tailor-made visits to the Angeac-Champagne production estate, where visitors will be welcomed in a new Brands & Shop area during the summer.