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Master Sommeliers of the UDSF: A promotion in homage to Georges Pertuiset


Vincent Giraudbit

Four sommeliers present in Paris received the golden cluster on the evening of the final of the competition won by Xavier Thuizat. Daniel Pirès (Champagne Ardennes - cellar creation in progress), Cécile Malsecot (Poitou-Charentes - Le Compostelle in Tusson), Vincent Giraudbit (Sud-Ouest Occitanie - Chai Vincent in Toulouse) and Marie-Maule Descoubes (Val de Loire - L'Océanic in Chinon) were awarded the golden cluster and the diploma that consecrates them as UDSF Master Sommeliers.

Along with Hervé Fleuriel (Alsace - Auberge de l'Ill) and Laurent Nieri (Nice Côte d'Azur - Château Eza), who weren't present at the gala dinner that concluded the day, they constitute the class of 2022, named Georges Pertuiset. One way of saluting the memory of the Best Sommelier of France 1980 and former president of the UDSF, who died during the previous summer.

The memory of Georges Pertuiset was also kept alive by Eric Goettelmann, MOF and head sommelier of the Relais Bernard Loiseau. With great emotion, he recalled the sommelier's qualities and the man whose talent was expressed both within the Lameloise house and when it came to training young students.