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Label Skin®

“Life insurance” for wine labels

“Life insurance” for wine labels

Unlike glass bottle that keeps the wine for years, the wine label can deteriorate quickly and its poor condition will significantly reduce the market value of a bottle at auction or in a private transaction.
Two young French, Xavier Demeillers and Maxime Brunet, found the solution: Label Skin®, the wine labels protector.
Designed in France and manufactured in Germany, Label Skin® is a high performance electrostatic vinyl film expressly dedicated to the protection of wine labels during transport, handling and storage. It is highly effective against all the elements responsible for the deterioration of wine labels - moisture, dust, shock, insects and animals.
Designed for enthusiasts, collectors and professionals concerned with the long-term protection of the aesthetics of their bottles of wine as well as their investment, Label Skin® is sufficiently thick to protect and shield the labels from damage over time. Transparent, flexible and free of adhesive, it is easy to install, can be repositioned at will and, once removed, does not leave any marks on the bottle.
Label Skin® is also a great communication tool. It can be fully customized before being offered as a gift or used as a promotional product.

Dominique Peyral-Bon