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© Abi Duhr Breakaways in the vineyards

Wines in Luxembourg

Abi Duhr is one of those personalities in the world of wine whose name is rarely mentioned. Discreet and always smiling, here's a portrait of a Luxembourg winemaker of international renown.   The Duhr family has played a central role in Luxembourg's wine industry for generations. Abi Duhr's background is singular. His studies in oenology led him to divide his time between Geisenheim and Bordeaux. His vision of winemaking was enriched by his friends Denis Dubourdieu and Paul Pontallier (Château Margaux). In 1982, he started barrel ageing, making both single-varietal and blended cuvées. He... Read more




If the stones of Bargemone could speak, we would be amazed by what they would have to tell us. A tale that dates back to the 13th century when the estate stood as a Templar commandery where...

Domaine Koslovic Breakaways in the vineyards

Croatia: Focus on the vineyards of Istria

The small vineyards of Istria, located in the northwest of Croatia, are asserting their winemaking potential. Some hidden gems, particularly in white wines, are already testaments to this. Let's...

Baia Abuladze / ©Aurélien Foucault Breakaways in the vineyards

Georgia: land of female winemakers

In the world of winemaking, it hasn't always been easy for women to find their place and gain recognition for their wines. It took decades for women to finally become more visible and acclaimed in...

Kelly Rangama Focus


Young Michelin-starred chef Kelly Rangama will succeed Florian Barbarot at La Table des Chefs in Reims, starting from November 30th. Adorned with a Michelin star for her restaurant, Le Faham,...

Coravin Focus


Creating the optimal wine list is a challenge faced by every on-premise account. Developing a menu that brings to life the ethos of a venue, offering diversity to guests while simultaneously...


The vineyards of Isère

"I just want the word 'Isère' to be written on the map of French vineyards, and for people to say that we make wine!" says Wilfrid Debroize, a winemaker at the Domaine des Rutissons with Laurent...