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Portraits of winegrowers

Château de La Rivière

In office for 22 years, general manager Xavier Buffo has worked various owners since his arrival at Château de La Rivière, the largest wine estate in Fronsac, a captivating, majestic fortress, planted on a hill overlooking the valley. Here, the traditional visit and-tasting has given way to rather original initiatives ... Of course, his widow remained marked by the tragedy and never returned to Fronsac, but she did not sell it and kept the team in place. The initial project to turn La Rivière into a luxury hotel was abandoned, but not the desire to open the chateau to wine tourism. I go once... Read more


Portraits of winegrowers

Champagne Penet

La Maison Penet would be delighted to welcome you on Tuesday, October 8th from 10.00 am to 12.00 am, 12 rue Gambetta in Verzy. discover our unique, low dosage champagnes. Please register at La...

Paolo Basso et Nicolas Rossignol Portraits of winegrowers

Nicolas Rossignol

Infatigable chercheur de la meilleure expression de ses terroirs, Nicolas Rossignol dispose d’une nouvelle cuverie. Le vigneron de la Côte de Beaune s’est ainsi fait construire un outil sur mesure...

Portraits of winegrowers


With its kilometers of cellars in the basement of the capital of Burgundy wines and its 2 million bottles currently aging, Patriarche plunges its visitors out of time. But the house also lives with...

Paolo Basso et Frédéric Magnien Portraits of winegrowers

Frédéric Magnien

Winemaker at Morey-Saint-Denis, Frédéric Magnien has embarked on an original elevage program. He ages some of his wines in terracotta containers (jars, amphorae). A way for him to be in perfect...

Portraits of winegrowers


Famous for its BROTTE signature and its famous international brand “La Fiole du Pape”, whose bottle shape is inspired by the effect of the mistral bursts on the vine stocks, the Brotte house, created...

Portraits of winegrowers

Maison Louis Latour

Latour is an inevitable name, a surname appearing on the podium of the grand names of the Burgundy trade. An ensemble that works on two legs: a beautiful vineyard and active trading. A policy that...