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Breakaways in the vineyards

Travel journal, by Stéphane Derenoncourt

Clos Stegasta, Tinos The beauty of a wine production site is often not unrelated to the aesthetics of the wine produced. The place inspires. It leads you to understand, through the nature of the soils, the climatology, or the surrounding vegetation, what the strengths and weaknesses are, almost instinctively prompting the appropriate technical responses. But sometimes, the place strikes you. It's a shock that unsettles you, bewilders you, and disorients you, a rare and strange feeling. In the heart of the Aegean Sea, a few nautical miles from the bustling Mykonos, emerges the island of... Read more



Château Boisniard

Being a guest at Château Boisniard, in Vendée, is like taking a break from our tumultuous lives. Here, time stands still in a place of calm and tranquillity.​ This majestic castle, built by the...

Charles et François Philipponnat. Portraits of winegrowers

Champagne Philipponnat

In the spring of 2022, Champagne Philipponnat celebrated its 500th anniversary during two exceptional dinners, in Reims and in Paris. Charles Philipponnat, the 15th generation, who has been running...

Gérard Bertrand Portraits of winegrowers

Gérard Bertrand, the South at its best

During the harvest, we discovered some of Gérard Bertrand's properties. This is definitely a real eye-opener for the identity and personality of the wines!   Pillar of the South The name Gérard...

Alexandre Cornot et Salvatore Castano. Portraits of winegrowers

SALVATORE CASTANO at champagne Brimoncourt

In the printing house, Champagne Brimoncourt was written Salvatore Castano was welcomed at Champagne Brimoncourt, a house bought in 2008 and whose premises, in Aÿ, are classified as part of the...

Ronan Laborde Portraits of winegrowers

Interview with Ronan Laborde

1/ In February you started a second term as president of the UGCB, what are your major victories and your next challenges? We are an association of producers who meet professionals and enthusiasts...

Vignoble Shabo Breakaways in the vineyards

Discovering the wine regions of Ukraine

Southern Bessarabia is one of the most prominent wine regions of Ukraine. It is located in the South-West of the country, in the Odesa region, between the three famous rivers: the Dniester, the Prut...