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Portraits of winegrowers

Château de La Rivière

In office for 22 years, general manager Xavier Buffo has worked various owners since his arrival at Château de La Rivière, the largest wine estate in Fronsac, a captivating, majestic fortress, planted on a hill overlooking the valley. Here, the traditional visit and-tasting has given way to rather original initiatives ... Of course, his widow remained marked by the tragedy and never returned to Fronsac, but she did not sell it and kept the team in place. The initial project to turn La Rivière into a luxury hotel was abandoned, but not the desire to open the chateau to wine tourism. I go once... Read more


lurton_pierre_chais Portraits of winegrowers

Château Marjosse The Entre-deux-Mers region, so wisely named “Little Tuscany

Winegrower BordeauxChâteau MarjosseThe Entre-deux-Mers region, so wisely named “Little Tuscany”This area is completely encircled from north to south, nestled between the Dordogne and the Garonne, fed...

Portraits of winegrowers

Château Clos Haut-Peyraguey

Portrait de Vignerons Bordeaux Château Clos Haut-Peyraguey­­­At the top of a hill, on the peak of the Bommes plateau, in its commanding position stands one of the finest estates of the Sauternes...