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Wine Fairs 2023


A colorful edition featuring more confidential appellations, iconoclasts and explosive wine-growing experiments. Organic and biodynamic winegrowers will also be showcased throughout the catalogs. If one were to draw a lesson from the varied offerings of the Foire aux Vins, it would seem that the trend is towards virtue and identity wines. If the expression weren't so overused, we'd say that there's something for everyone, and above all, everyone's purse!


From September 26
ALDI has selected almost fifty wines from the main French appellations, including twenty reds, fourteen whites, two rosés and three sparkling wines. A selection gathered around a majority of wines under ten euros, including Retour aux Sources 2021 in AOC Corbières red. This appellation with its marvellous scenery often outlines rustic wines. Forget what you knew about these wines; the palate is full, generous and fresh. ALDI also offers Château les Coutines 2019, Sainte Croix du Mont. This forgotten great sweet wine from the right bank of the Garonne is tense and finely spiced. This wine can be enjoyed as an aperitif or with Roquefort cheese.



From September 5 to October 9
Auchan boasts 1,100 cuvées, with the emphasis this year on environmental initiatives. Domaine Vallot 2019, a pioneer in biodynamic viticulture in the Vinsobres PDO, produces Le Coriançon, a deliciously suave cuvée. We'd recommend drinking it with spicy Mediterranean dishes. We'd also recommend the 100% Equitable cuvée from Vignobles Gabriel & co in Côtes de Bourg. A thirst-quenching wine par excellence, ideal with charcuterie boards.



From September 26 to October 22
We offer regional products in response to the demand for short circuits. Again, the emphasis is on organic or biodynamic viticulture, and on offbeat cuvées, such as orange wines, whites vinified as reds. We appreciate the delicate zest and refreshing bitterness of Genora 2021, Gérard Bertrand's orange wine, predisposed to prolong summer. The flagship of Château Chantegrive 2019 in AOP Graves, Cuvée Caroline will delight lovers of great white gourmet wines. The wine is both silky and powerful.



From August 25
Casino has built a range of almost nine hundred references around three themes: heritage, rugby and volcanic soils. In the historic vineyard section, Domaine de la Desoucherie 2020 is a rare, evanescent white from the Cour Cheverny PDO, while Henri Ehrhart's stunning Riesling vendanges tardives 2015 is perfect for cooked foie gras or blue-veined cheese.



From September 29  to October 14
Cora will be showcasing 370 wines ranging from €2.99 to €59.99.
We're delighted to find an Irouleguy in this selection. Although this appellation is known for its tannic character, the Arrola 2020 from Maison Duprat is perfectly ripe and easy to digest.



From September 18 to October 8
Franprix offers over 60 cuvées, including Hachette, Lyon Gold and Bordeaux Gold medal winners, and promises ready-to-drink wines such as this clear, limpid Côtes-de-Provence rosé from Château Castel des Maures 2022, with red fruit notes. The Châteauneuf du Pape from Domaine de Fagotière 2020 is also noteworthy. This wine reflects the revival of a great appellation, with ripe black fruits and a lightly liquorice juice that's highly drinkable.



From September 4 to October 1
Lavinia offers over 200 cuvées for this autumn event. Once again this year, the Lavinia group is focusing on organic and biodynamic viticulture, with around a hundred certified wines in the catalog.
Nicolas Maillet's Burgundy Aligoté 2021 is a throwback to the PDO. The fruit, picked when ripe, without an ounce of wood, gives birth to a true local burgundy. The rare and therefore precious cuvée Arborescence 2020 from Domaine de la Futaie in Jasnières is an elegant, crystal-clear Chenin with stunning length.


From September 8  to October 6
The Parisian chain is offering 190 references, including 134 red wines and 56 white wines from vintages ranging from 2012 to 2021. The selection is exclusively French. We swoon over the aromatic freshness of Domaine de Castera 2021, AOP Jurançon dry. The ripe Petit and Gros Manseng grapes offer delicate lemony and apricot notes, supported by an acidity that's always just right. The immense Domaine de l'A 2015 from Christine and Stéphane Derenoncourt in Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux is also worthy of note. A big, fleshy, complex wine with silky tannins. A fine piece of work.



From September 6
The leading hard-discounter offers 161 wines and 30 favorites. The brand is giving a special place to French terroirs, and will be highlighting IGP wines. Our pick is Champagne Delagarde Brut. Mainly made from meunier grapes, it has a full, vinous texture.



From September 06
The leading urban wine merchant brings together 284 nuggets and discoveries for its wine fair. Once again this year, Monoprix is promoting virtuous winegrowers. Domaine de l'Emme 2022 is one of them. A perfect representative of the Pic-Saint-Loup PDO, the wine is immediately seductive and suave. Cuvée Orange Buddy 2021 from Château Haut Garriga in Vin de France is a wonderful discovery, with its skin-macerated Semillon aged on lees. A fresh, spicy wine to discover the world of orange wines.



From September 28  to October 16
Netto is promising 310 references, including AB-certified wines, foreign wines and 70 medal-winning wines. Le Meilleur des 2 Mondes 2020 in Juliénas is one of their six favorites. The nose opens with a profusion of red and black fruit aromas, and the palate is firm and powerful. The Costières de Nîmes by Château Roustan 2021, meanwhile, offers a broad, gourmet palate. Ideal with chuck or lamb chops.

Whether you're a wine connoisseur or not, this autumn's Foires aux Vins offers a fine selection of increasingly virtuous, explosive and highly drinkable wines. These brands share two common goals: to promote sincere, hard-working winemakers, and to showcase local wines.

Henry Clemens