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His first impressions


Markus Del Monego, vainqueur du concours mondial en 1998, et Marc Almert font désormais de l’Allemagne un pays aussi titré que la Suède.

What is the first thing you thought when the final result was announced?
Disbelief. You work very long and hard for a chance to even reach the finals of such a prestigious competition, and then within mere seconds everything changes, and you are awarded with the most coveted prize of our profession. It is a humbling, extremely emotional and mind-blowing moment, which I will never forget.

What do you is going to change in your career?
It is too close from the title to really judge that. My biggest passion is taking care of guests at our restaurant Pavillon and other outlets of the Baur au Lac. That will remain my focus, however I am sure there will now also be more possibilities to travel and taste wines in their place of origin, as well as opportunities to share my experiences with others through trainings and events.

Once you reached the Graal, what can be the next objective?
My key objective is to continue to develop our hotel’s wine list and to continuously improve and develop our beverage service. I am also curious to now seeing more competitions from a different perspective; that of a judge. And I am still attempting to pass the Master Sommelier Examination, which is a tough and humbling experience, and keeps me focused on a consistent learning process.

Jean Bernard