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Gérard Basset honoured with the MASI prize


Gérard Basset

In September, Isabella Bossi Fedrigotti, the President of the Masi Foundation, revealed the names of the five winners of the 37th Masi Prize. Among them, Gerard Basset won the International Civiltà del Vino Prize for his extraordinary career and achievement. “He has made an enormous contribution to the understanding, appreciation and promotion of wine in the world. His authority comes from an extraordinary corpus of knowledge and gives him empathy with the world’s wine regions, wine companies and wine makers. Currently the only person in the world to bear the simultaneous titles of Master of Wine, Master Sommelier, Wine MBA, OIV Master in Wine Management and World’s Best Sommelier.”

The awards ceremony happened on Saturday 29 September in Verona at the Teatro Filarmonico and was preceded, as usual, by a private ceremony at Cantine Masi where the five winners autographed the historic barrel of Amarone that is their formal prize.


The Masi Foundation

The Masi Foundation’s aim is to promote and support the region, people, cultural inheritance, skills and products of Venetian Civilisation. Particular attention is paid to the culture and production of wine, which is a special characteristic of the Venetian territories. Projects are carried out at national and international levels, often in collaboration with public and private bodies, governing bodies, foundations and other organisations, in Italy and abroad.