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This year the French Fête de la Sommellerie was held in the charming town of Cognac, in the heart of the no less famous spirits appellation. It was organized by the team of the ASPC, the Association de la Sommellerie Poitou-Charentes on June 12 and 13.  An association, chaired by Patrice Devaine (Master Sommelier), which wished to highlight the young sommeliers, who represent the future of the profession.
During these 2 days the association could count on the participation of a hundred people.


Sunday, June 12:
From 6:30 pm, reception at Martell, visit of the cellars, specific theme for the youth, the art of blending, followed by an evening on the rooftop L'Indigo, with mixology workshops and presentation of different cognac-based cocktails.

Monday 13 June:
8:30 a.m., conference by the AdVini company on biodynamics.

10:30 a.m., Cognac dating organized by the BNIC, 40 cognac owners and brands were each able to present
3 products from their range to the sommeliers.

4:00 p.m., reception of the young sommeliers at Hennessy for a specially dedicated visit, with a tour of the founder's cellar and the cellars of the 3 pavilions.

5:30 p.m., the other participants joined the young sommeliers for a tasting “To understand Paradis”, an exceptional tasting where we had the opportunity to try multiple eaux-de-vie from the Hennessy house, which were between 2 and 50 years old. This vertical tasting allowed us to see the evolution and complexity that Cognac's eaux-de-vie acquire when aged in barrels. To conclude this tasting in beauty we had the privilege to taste the Cognac Paradis of Hennessy!

7:00 p.m., departure for the Château de Bagnolet and gala dinner in the presence of the Hennessy team, presided over by Mr. Renaud Fillioux from Gironde.