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My-Sommelier : the profession going beyond

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My-Sommelier : the profession going beyond
It is more and more common nowadays, when in need for a wine suggestion, a small research, or just being curious, to check on the internet for what we need, and not on books, paper guides, and even less, take a specialized course in wines to finally say “I know something about it!”.
But what ASPI launched last 31st of March in Milan and worldwide is something revolutionary even in our technologic era where everything can be found online: the application My-Sommelier, available for free for Iphone, Ipad and Iphone Touch, brings the Sommelier in the consumers' pocket, ready to be checked instantly when in need in different, but common, situations.

How it works

My-Sommelier, conceived by the Italian media group Besanopoli, in collaboration with ASPI for the technical contents, is an application different from the others because of its adaptability to the consumer's needs: not only a database of wines, ratings or producers like many others, but a software based on the perfect marriage between food and wine, a key factor in the choice of a bottle.
The database of more than 2,000 Italian and international recipes, alongside informations on more than 130 (and growing) wine producers spread on the Italian soil, makes My-Sommelier a perfect help to decide which wine matches with our dinner. Not only, as the App also gives infos, pics, maps, contacts and commercial stats of the wineries involved, making it very appealing for the consumer to search for them.
The user can start from the recipe, from the winery, from a particular wine, and research all the suggested combination in order to have always a different possible choice: a true, virtual, Sommelier.

The aim

“We wanted to create something completely new” - says Giuseppe Vaccarini, ASPI President and Best Sommelier of the World 1978 - “nowadays there are plenty of wine Apps, but many of them are big databases quite hard to consult for the daily user. Thanks to the help of professionals, represented by our Association, and a friendly and very stylish design, also the more lacking of the consumers will be able to perfectly choose a bottle for any situation”.
My-Sommelier is in fact a team job involving for more than a year very different enterprises in the business: ASPI, the Italian professional Sommeliers association founded in 2007 and member of the ASI; Besanopoli, a communication group focused on new technologies creator of the luxurious image of famous brands such as San Pellegrino/Acqua Panna; Arcastudio, a publicity and design company that succesfully started a branch aimed on Apps in 2007.
These and also the sponsors of the project: the wineries, but also big groups in the industry such as Bormioli Rocco Glassware (with a dedicated section in the App on which glass is better to be used with our wine), San Pellegrino/AcquaPanna, and many more.
My-Sommelier is therefore destinated to grow, as seen that it is free and the enterprises involved are all united in always searching to develop new solutions in their respective businesses.
A true help for the consumer, free and easy to use, to break the barrier between the “wine experts” and the “wine drinkers”, finally.
Yoel Abarbanel

Some facts:

• Launched on Apple Store on March 27th 2011, it is now at 30,000+ downloads making it the top wine App downloaded and in the Top 10 in Italy.
• Completely updated every 6 months, doesn't need a internet connection because it works on the Phone.
• Available also in English.
• More than 3,000 wines at today registered with their characteristics, and no ratings given.