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Competition of the best spanish wines in Asia


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Competition of the best spanish wines in Asia

We had the pleasure to attend to the second Competition of the Best Spanish Wines in Asia as spectators, because the jury is composed of 100% Asian professionals. It was presided over by Nelson Chow, President of the Hong Kong Sommeliers Association (HKSA), still as dynamic and friendly, just like the members of his association.
Out of the 378 wines presented, 192 received a medal, what represents 51% of the wines participating. The high quality of the bottles presented has to be noted: 15% received a Gold medal, 57% a Silver medal, and 28% a Bronze medal. The very strict tasting criteria, categories by type of wine and the absolute impartiality which is guarantee by a blind tasting has given results which should be highlighted with regard to the requirements of this test.
The Competition has begun on October 16th at 9 a.m., after a presentation of the event to the tasters (sommeliers, importers, distributors, journalists). Each member of the jury has received numbered tasting card for each cuvée, with a classification in categories. Each wine had to be marked out of 20 points according to the following criteria:

Visual:2 points.
Olfactory: 7 points to share out between the flavors and complexity.
Gustatory: 9 points to share out between the acidity, the substance, the tannins, the fruit and the balance
Final sensation: 2 points

Nelson Chow

After the tasting, the president of the jury took back each form and summed up the points, divided by the total of jury members: 59 in this case.
The wine received a medal if its average mark was between:

15.4 and 16.9 - Bronze medal
The wine is balanced, we perceive a good typicity of its varietal, a perceptible fruitiness which makes it perfect for a daily consumption.

17 and 18.4 - Silver medal
The wine conveys pleasant sensations. It is balanced and ensures full enjoyment; it is the typical wine for moments of pleasure but is also worth keeping.

18.5 and 19.4 - Gold Medal
It is a perfect wine, with a good complexity, a great balance and body. It's long and voluminous on the palate, it is definitely a wine for pleasure and worth keeping.

19.5 and 20 Platinum Medal
It is a wine which combined all the elements of a wine that received a Gold Medal, but also shows an outstanding capacity of evolution in the bottle. It is an exceptional wine, of those to be collected or to be opened only for a very special occasion.
The last day of competition, all the prizewinners have been blind tasted again, but this time, being matched with typical dishes of Asian cuisine. The objective of this exercise was to confirm the marks of these wines, because if it is important to find a good wine, it is essential that it is in perfect harmony with the local cuisine.

Résultats of the Contest 2010 format PDF

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