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Château Peyfaures combining tradition and modernity

Winegrower Bordeaux
Château Peyfaures combining tradition and modernityChâteau Peyfaures

Château Peyfaureschateau peyfaures

Château Peyfaures

Château Peyfaures blason

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Château Peyfaures
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Tradition governs strategic decisions in the reputed appellation Bordeaux Supérieur. Château Peyfaures is nonetheless a resolutely forward-looking estate; it is aiming to increase its export sales, ensuring the excellent quality of its wines, widely acclaimed in specialised wine reviews they have received numerous awards, and carefully maintaining its image and network of contacts.

Tradition at the core

Mrs Godeau took over the management of this estate in 2002. Assisted by the recommendations of her oenologist Mrs Rolland, she launched the production of her leading wines: Château Peyfaures matured in new oak barrels and the cuvee ‘Dame de coeur’.

The estate’s seventeen hectares stretch across the first slopes of the undulating Entre-deux-Mers area, facing the hillside where Saint-Emilion’s finest great growths are found. This terroir comprised of ferruginous clay upon limestone produces wines of vivid colour and marvellous structure, endowed with extraordinary ageing potential.

At the outset the vineyard and growing system at Château Peyfaures were restructured (5 500 vines per hectare) to obtain yields of 45 hectolitres per hectare.
The Godeau family’s initial investments concerned the construction of a vat house designed for top-quality vinification, dealing with each plot of the vineyard individually (thermoregulation for the vats, pre-fermentation maceration at cold temperature) and maturation in barrels, as well as rational vine treatments for vine growing. In 2003, the Godeau family tried out malo-lactic fermentation in barrels for the ‘Dame de coeur’ wines.

The results of this strategy for producing first-rate wines were rapidly evident. The list of awards is impressive: • Château Peyfaures 2002 red Bordeaux was awarded a bronze medal at the ‘International Challenge’ in Bourg’ in 2004.

• L’Alpha du Château Peyfaures 2002 Bordeaux Supérieur received a gold medal at the ‘International Challenge’ in Bourg in 2004, a gold medal at the national competition of Independent Winegrowers in 2004, a silver medal at the world competition in Brussels in 2004, a silver medal at the ‘Wines of Aquitaine’ competition in 2004 and a silver medal at the ‘Decanter World Wines Awards’ in 2004! The 2005 vintage received a gold medal at the ‘Wines of Aquitaine’ competition in 2007; the 2006 and 2007 vintages promise to be equally successful.

All these awards show a tremendous acknowledgement of the quality of these wines produced by Mrs Godeau, who specifies her own personal taste: “Our aim is to seek optimal ripeness.” She gives precedence in the vineyard to her favourite variety, Merlot (85% of plantation), but still attaches great importance to blending, which provides wines with length on the palate. “Dame de coeur is a delicious wine that can be enjoyed as an aperitif or to accompany savoury dishes.” The powerful aromas of Château Peyfaures wines are not subdued by these dishes, even the spiciest.

The future is on export markets

The ambitions of the estate are clear: sell total annual production (70 000 bottles) and continue to restructure the plots of the vineyard.

At present, exports are essentially dispatched to emerging countries such as Russia and Hong Kong, but also to Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and the west coast of the United States. Markets targeted for the future are Great Britain and above all the east coast of the United States, where sales activities will be concentrated. Moreover, Château Peyfaures belongs to the ‘Cercle Rive Droite’, an association which aims to promote the superior quality of the 120 wines produced by its members.
Special care is now given to packaging too. Hyppolite Romain, illustrator of the ‘Café du commerce’ column in the ‘Figaro Madame’ magazine, has designed the label for the cuvee ‘Dame de cœur’.
Château Peyfaures will be present at the Independent Winegrowers’ exhibition on March 14th 2008 and is keen to develop its own identity.
Faced with global competition, the Godeau family’s credo is now more than ever an ambition to maintain high standards for their wine production. For Bordeaux Supérieur, where wine quality is continually improving, this should provide numerous export opportunities for all producers of this appellation.