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a range of prestigious wines and an exclusive service offer

France Boissons has been creating its own wines and distributing wines from its partners to HORECA customer since 1976. The company is the privileged partner of its 50,000 CHR customers throughout France. The company has been able to create long-standing partnerships with all types of winemakers by forging solid ties and a relationship of mutual trust with them, which today allows it to offer rare and sought-after wines, as well as a made-to-measure service.

“Selection Grands Vins & Prestige”

Through its in-house label “Sélection Grands Vins & Prestige”, France Boissons affirms its pride in distributing renowned and passionate winemakers while responding to the trend of consuming less but better. This 125 references of this Grands Vins offer come from the best terroirs of France: recognized estates and châteaux, secular houses, 1855 classification. They are intended for restaurants, brasseries and gastronomic establishments, whose increasingly knowledgeable and demanding clientele wants to benefit from a varied, high-end and authentic choice.

In parallel to this premium offer, France Boissons offers its customers a concierge service called La Grande Cave, which consists of storing bottles with the sought-after allocations in its partner winery in Bordeaux and delivering them by post. The service is in individual wooden cases, providing security, insurance and traceability guarantees inherent to these rare wines. France Boissons is proud to have, among other allocations, the first 5 Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés in this very exclusive selection, which is renewed monthly.

Thanks to its “Sélection Grands Vins & Prestige” label, France Boissons has achieved a 63% growth in volume. Its service "La Grande Cave" has increased its sales by 28% in 2022 compared to 2021.

Through this selection, France Boissons contributes to enhance the wine offer of its CHR customers, in particular by proposing in its bimonthly magazine a suggestion of 2 wines of the selection to be discovered and shared.

A rich and diversified offer

France Boissons sells 30 million bottles of wine annually from more than 2,000 references available throughout the country (including 1,000 references from the regions). Wine and Champagne are the second largest category of beverages sold by France Boissons. Its 125 references are regularly updated and perfectly illustrate the qualitative offer of France Boissons, which is honored during exclusive masterclasses presented at its various regional wine shows: 

March 6-7, 2023 in Vendée Charentes, March 12-13 in Caen, March 13 in Nice, March 19 and 20 in Rennes, March 26 and 27 in Centre-Loire and October 2023 in Annecy and Strasbourg.

Photos : France Boisson