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Château Loudenne

A history-inspired white wine

A few kilometers from Saint-Estèphe, a haven of peace stands in front of an ocean-like estuary. One cannot remain indifferent to the tranquility and beauty of the place, marked by a rare 17th-century Médoc country house with unusual meringue tones. Once crossed the entrance, the ensemble carries a lingering air of the Roaring Twenties that the new owner strives to revive. Recalling that it was a great party place, we also discover that Loudenne hosted Princess Margaret, Winston Churchill or Jeanne Moreau ...

The vineyard of Loudenne extends over two large gravelly hills which dominate the river. The vines are fortunate to be cultivated on rich soils of ancient gravels on the surface and clay at depth. Director Philippe de Poyferré likes to remind that in Saint-Yzans-de-Médoc, the winegrowing Médoc does not date back the 17th century, relating to the discovery of a Gallo-Roman farm and on the presence of the monk winemakers of Saintonge well before the official story! If the wine history of Loudenne starts indeed in 1670, the recognition of the quality of its wines dates back the purchase of the property by the Gilbeys in 1875, a family of English merchants. “They made of Loudenne what is has become,” Philippe de Poyferré says. The property was taken over in 2013 by the Chinese group Moutaï, which called on the Cognac Camus services in 2016.

With exceptional soils, particular phenomena. Philippe de Poyferré recalls that the soil of Loudenne is marked by three ph nomena: the meteorological regulator of the Gironde river, 5 kilometers broad here; the poor gravelly soils, favoring small berries with thick skin; the clay soils, a water reserve in case of very warm weather; and finally drying oceanic winds, protecting the vines from mildew or oidium. Today Loudenne covers 132 ha including 46 ha of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc.

It should be noted, and it is not only a recent fact, that Loudenne has been producing since 1880 beautifully structured and tailored dry white wines from 12 hectares of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. In the sitting room of the beautiful country house, where Philippe de Poyferré welcomed Best Sommelier of the World Paolo Basso, the tasting revealed indeed a juicy and fresh white Loudenne 2016. The impeccable master of ceremonies reminding the guests that the Médoc actually produces, sometimes, great white wines.

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Paolo Basso’s impressions

Loudenne Le Château 2016, Médoc Cru Bourgeois
In the nose, notes of vanilla, spices, then ripe cherries and cassis, light plums. Tasty and quite dense, medium body, quite tasty, fine tannins that introduce a long and persistent finish. A beautiful wine. A vintage that reflects the evolution of the chateau and the work done. Ageing: 2022-2028

Loudenne Le Château 2016, Bordeaux blanc
Typical ripe Sauvignon nose with aromas of passion fruit, sage, pink grapefruit, smokey. Nice first taste, sweet and dense, fairly high and very pleasant acidity, elegant and tasty, pleasant light tannins. Finish of medium intensity, with a hint of bitterness. A beautiful refreshing and gourmet wine. Ageing: 2022.