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UDSF totals 314 Maîtres Sommeliers

Fifteen new members of the Union received the famous golden bunch during the celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of the creation of this title organized in Bordeaux.

Les quinze nouveaux Maîtres Sommeliers de l’UDSF réunis autour de leur président Philippe Faure-Brac.

As Philippe Faure-Brac, president of Union de la Sommellerie Française, reminded us in a preamble to the ceremony, one does not become Maître Sommelier of UDSF by chance.  “Though the conditions of attribution of this title have evolved, the philosophy remains intact. It is always a matter of valuing an impeccable implication both associatively and professionally. With this golden bunch, every Maître Sommelier knows that he has been recognized by his peers for his expertise and his interpersonal skills.”

Cette soirée d’anniversaire étant placée sous le patronage des grands crus classés en 1855, Philippe Faure-Brac a remis le fanion de l’UDSF à Philippe Castéja, leur président.

These professionals, whether still working or retired, deserve this recognition and the presentation speech that recalls their career in one of the lounges of Palais Rohan, Bordeaux. But the awarding  of the golden bunch by Georges Lepré, president of the Maître Sommelier commission and creator of the title with Jean Frambourt, and Jean-Luc Jamrozik who works with him on the study of the applications, took on a particular meaning this year. Indeed, UDSF celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of this exceptional reward.

The fifteen recipients thus constitute the promotion of 30th anniversary and now bring to 314 the number of Maître Sommeliers. They are Christophe Carreau (Alpes Marseille Provence), Jean-Claude Fayet (Auvergne-Limousin), Benoît Gelin and Sophie Lafon (Bordeaux-Aquitaine), Anne Golla and Frédéric Simon (Alsace), Huguette Lefranc (Brittany), Ghislain Mahieu, Alain Pontoizeau and Frédéric Turpaud (Paris - Ile-de-France), Nicole Perreault (Burgundy), Philippe Munos (Jura - Franche-Comté), Stéphane Thomas (Poitou-Charentes), Olivier Thepegnier and Michael Villechenoux (Languedoc-Roussillon - Southern Rhône Valley).

Jean Bernard