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The French Sommellerie Day in Brittany


Launched in 2016 in Champagne the Sommellerie Day landed in Rennes, Brittany this year. And although the young professionals, targetted by this event, were not much to come, the spirit of the feast was worth the regional association's work.

“We are only some forty members in the association of Brittany but it is difficult to call everyone together,” admitted Huguette Lefranc, president of the regional branch of the French Union of Sommellerie (UDSF). Nevermind, even with a reduced team, she took up the challenge to the end and successfully organized the second edition of the French Sommellerie Day. And as if they wanted to encourage her, the representatives of most of the other chapters came to Rennes.

Admittedly Brittany is not the biggest wine region of France but it has other ressources to assert and the participants could appreciate some local products like cider and craft beers proposed for tasting alongside a presentation of wines & Champagnes.

Gastronomy was also highlighted during a dinner signed by chef Rachel Gesbert and her team of the restaurant 'La fontaine aux perles' supported on the floor by students of the vocational catering school of Saint-Méen-le-Grand. An evening that revealed some talents of singers ...

Seduced by Muscadet

In the townhall of Rennes, another highlight has been a campus with seven winegrowers, all members of the dynamic association 'Les Vignes de Nantes'. Marie Luneau (Domaine Pierre Luneau-Papin), Eric Chevalier (Domaine de l'Aujardière), Jérôme Bretaudeau (Domaine Belle-vue), Benoît Landron (Domaine Landron Chartier), Frédéric Niger (Domaine de l'Ecu), Jean-Pierre Guédon (Domaine les Hautes-Noëlles) and Joseph Landron (Domaines Landron) have let their wine advocate Muscadet.

A presentation that enabled to break with common clichés, often negative, about this appellation. In turn, Florent Martin, Mikael Grou, Philippe Nusswitz, David Biraud, Fabrice Sommier, Georges Lepré and Philippe Faure-Brac opened their heart about the wine growers and their cuvees. A presentation followed with interest by the young professionals.

Unfortunately they were not much to attend though this celebration has been created to associate them more closely to the life of UDSF. The mission of the members of the Youth commission will thus have to increasingly focus on raising awareness to have more young professionals during the next editions.

To be noted that the association of sommeliers of Brittany took the opportunity to congratulate one of its members. Indeed on the day before the event Mikael Grou won the silver medal of the international young sommelier contest organized by Chaîne des Rôtisseurs. The young professional native from Brittany, former student of the vocational school of Dinard and of George V Paris, bore the colours of Australia, the country that welcomed him for a year and where he has won the title of best young sommelier.

Jean Bernard