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The Corsican sommellerie shows its dynamism

2017 finished brilliantly with the prize giving of the competition that rewards the best wine lists of the island and during masterclasses hosted by three top sommeliers.

 Christophe Chiorboli, Freddy Faverot, Christophe Giraud, Franck Houel, Joël Guerini et Hervé Fort, président du jury.

Once the summer fever settles down, when Corsica finds some peace, the Association of Sommeliers of Corsica presided over by Christophe Giraud has some time to get together its driving forces. For this year-end, the appointment was set at Hotel Misincu, on the eastern coast of the Corsica Cape, and many wine growers who the sommeliers and the restaurateurs are the first ambassadors of were also present.

This little piece of heaven in front of the sea has hosted many events and especially the finish of the Trophy of the best wine list in Corsica. After a first selection in early summer, during the Fiera di u vinu de Luri, the finalists have come to present in turn their wine menu to the members of the jury presided over by Hervé Fort, general manager of the Gardinier group (Taillevent, Les Crayères, Château Phélan Ségur).

After this oral exam and the deliberation that followed, the winners of the four categories have been rewarded: Franck Houel (La Verticale in Furiani) won the wine shop prize, Freddy Faverot (Tempi Fa at Propriano) the bistro and wine bar prize, Joël Guerini (A Flatta at Calenzana) the traditional restaurant prize and at last Christophe Chiorboli (La Gaffe in Saint-Florent) the gastronomic restaurant one.

Give the sommellerie contests an international dimension

The jury comprised Dominique Laporte (Best Sommelier of France and Best Craftsman of France Sommelier), Antoine Petrus (general manager of Taillevent Paris and Best Craftsman of France Sommelier) and Philippe Jamesse (head sommelier of Les Crayères in Reims). All three hosted masterclasses that captivated the audience thanks to the themes proposed: Roussillon, the land of great whites; Grenache in the Rhone Valley; and Champagne and all senses. The speakers’ expertise and the quality of the wines tasted each time have given a genuine pedagogical character to the presentations that will all be scheduled again in 2018.

The same year the Association of Sommeliers of Corsica will focus all efforts on another event: the second edition of the contest of the Best Sommeliers in Corsican wines. A competition won in 2016 by Antoine Soria.

This contest is open to all the sommeliers of Corsica as well as to all fans of the wines stemming from the 9 AOPs and 1 PGI of the island. But Christophe Giraud keeps one very precise idea in mind about the orientation he wants to give to this competition. “We already got in touch with sommeliers in Sardinia, in Sicily and more generally in Italy in order to give an international scale to our competition. And in the future we would like to get together candidates from the whole Mediterranean Rim …”

A strong ambition for a federative project.

Jean Bernard