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Sommelier, a profession of the future!


For decades, wine studies have been an important part of hotel education. Today, the sommellerie has evolved and brought its reputation to the highest level of excellence. There are now two state diplomas in France: the complementary mention in sommellerie and the professional sommelier certificate.

Professionals in the wine and spirits sector, but also passionate enthusiasts looking for in-depth expertise or complementary sommelier skills can call on the Bordeaux Gironde sommelier school, WORLDSOM.

Paolo Basso entouré des étudiants.

The Sommellerie program of the Bordeaux Superior Hotel School of the Bordeaux Gironde Chamber of Commerce makes you discover the sommellerie otherwise, with its program à la carte. WORLDSOM provides you with tailor-made training that corresponds to the know-how and the interpersonal skills of the sommelier, which can be spread over the year or followed separately according to the skill development sought-after, considering that each module is certified.

The training courses focus on the following themes:

- Tasting techniques and sensory analysis
Objective: to get skills on tasting techniques and methods. This will make it possible to know how to select samples as well as to make extensive sensory analysis.

- Sommelier know-how
Objective: to prepare students to respect the rules concerning the service of alcohol to the customers. Prepare for service operations, especially with regard to gestures and efficiency. Know how to follow the service to ensure good profitability.

- Viticulture & Oenology
Objective: to become aware of the influence of the terroir and the different technical and human factors in the design of a wine. It is also important to master the various cultural, environmental and oenological methods.

- Set-up and management of a cellar
Learn how to set up cellars according to the establishments, customers and trends, know how to buy and manage according to budget constraints and know how to customize your cellar by creating an original identity with high added value.

- Knowledge of French and foreign vineyards
Acquire or deepen knowledge on French, European and global vineyards. Learn to assess the impact and role of additional beverages in new consumer behaviors.

- Food and wine pairings
Master the rules of food and wine pairings to enhance the winemaker’s and the chef’s work. Know how to highlight the main principles that govern the food and wine pairings and know how to combine them to facilitate customer choice.

- Customer reception and advice
Develop attractive and evolutive sales supports and evaluate the psychology of the customer. Build up a sales pitch using your knowledge.

The school relies on expert speakers including Paolo Basso, Serge Dubs and Philippe Faure-Brac, Best Sommeliers of the World, and Gaëtan Bouvier and Richard Bernard, Best Sommeliers of France, alongside renowned oenologists and researchers.