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The new beer



by Provintech

Custom wine cabinets manufacturer Provintech diversifies its offer and now proposes Bieroteca, a custom beer cabinet. The very first one especially designed for Pullman Paris Roissy displays a selection of beers from around the world. Crafted with the same savoir-faire and the same attachment to the quality of the materials than the brand’s wine cabinets, this unique machine perfectly showcases the bottles and becomes part of the decor. Each detail has been carefully designed like the bottle display racks or AM Design’s “Wine by One” shelves.

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Brasserie du Mont Blanc :
A selection of exceptional beers


In 1999 Sylvain Chiron settled the Mont Blanc brewery at La Motte Servilex (Savoie) and re-launched the Mont Blanc beer brewed with an exceptionally pure water from the Mont Blanc glaciers. With the best ingredients, exclusive recipes are created. Attached to the quality and authenticity of its beer, the brewery has a well-known savoir-faire and is often awarded in national and international competitions (4 times world champion).

La Blanche : Premium light (4.7 %)
An elegant white beer where the softness of the aromas of wheat plays with the tangy notes of citrus and coriander.

La Rousse : Premium, Pure malt degustation beer
Intense triple-malt amber beer. A beer full of contrasts with a full malty taste followed by sweeter notes of caramel and roast almonds and a fruity finish.

La verte : Fantaisie, Genepi-flavoured green beer (5.9 %)
Genepi-flavoured green beer II The impossible blending of two very bitter notes resulting in a perfect balance between alcohol, acidity, powerful aroma and sugar. The Alps’ finest in your glass!

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Present for 20 years on the French market

After its 400th anniversary in 2015, Grolsch now celebrates 20 years of presence on the French market. For the occasion the brand has worked on a fresh look with a sleeker design where white dominates in the upper part of the bottle. On the contrary, the basis takes on the green colour of the famous Swingtop bottle whilst resonating with the sustainable development policy of the brand.

Using a unique manufacturing process, Grolsch is the first beer to use two hops! Non-conformist, urban and creative Grolsch unveils and launches a unique peculiar recipe, appreciated the world over. In the nose, notes of blond malt and hop. On the palate a biting first taste with notes of citrus, bread, butter, bakery, sugar. A beer for a meal that can be enjoyed over seafood or with fresh cheese whose taste will be softened by the beer.

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Bavaria 0.0% : The latest peach
flavoured 0.0% beer

Family-run business founded in 1719 at Lieshout in the Dutch Brabant, Bavaria combines innovation, with an entirely computerized production process, and quality, with a spring under the brewery, an integrated malting plant and the stated desire to control each production stage, from the brewing to fermentation, malting and bottling.

Bavaria 0.0% Peach, an alcohol-free beverage with natural spring water, barley malt, hop and peach, made with only natural ingredients and no artificial additives. With only 31 kcal per 100 ml for the Peach version, Bavaria 0.0% plays the healthy but also the gourmet side.

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Jenlain unveils a new visual identity

The Duyck brewery is a local family-run and independant company founded in 1922. At Jenlain, keeping beer is a passion, a legacy, a tradition but also a fantastic way to build the future. Today Jenlain unveils a new visual identity where design becomes a media. A very new design, definitely moderner, sleeker, that respects the brewery’s heritage and historic savoir-faire.

The result? A Champagne-style bottle made of Antique glass, more elegant, finer, lighter, recognizable. To spotlight it in an original way, mark them with a new look, aesthetic black and white pictures show different moments in the life of the brewery and reveal the hop picking, the brewing or the bottling.

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Distillerie Fils du Roy

In 2012 the Fils du Roy distillery was founded in Canada. It is a micro-distillery whose main objective is to propose products with an excellent quality at an affordable price to consumers from New Brunswick, but also in other provinces and abroad. The distillery is committed to providing the whole world with unique flavours created in this little corner of paradise, Acadia.



Stella Maris:

A 7.5° keeping beer
Stella Maris is the name of the star on the Acadian flag, a rallying symbol for the Acadians. The crafting of this beer is inspired by the style of beer made in the North of France called ‘Bière de Garde [keeping beer]’.
General impression: a strong craft beer, with the full aromas of malt, with a mellow and averagely sweet finish.


Caraquet Flyer:

A 8.5° ice beer
Intense triple-malt amber beer. A beer full of contrasts with a full malty taste followed by sweeter notes of caramel and roast almonds and a fruity finish.

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Charlynne Zirah