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1st contest of the best french wines in the USA


Monde USA


MIAMI – 21 et 22 Octobre 2011

First of all, we would like to thank all the participants in this great event of high-

lighting and promotion of French wines which took place in the magnificent setting of the famous restaurant Vita Baoli of Miami Beach last 21st and 22nd of October.

This first competition had a great success thanks to quality of the Crus presented and the skill of the jury. All the wines were tasted by all of the professionals taking part (sommeliers, importers, purchasers, cavists, distributors, restaurateurs, journalists), directed by the master of ceremonies, Sébastien Verrier, sommelier
trainer and consultant, and who also was the Chef Sommelier of the splendid Hotel Biltmore in Coral Gables, in Miami.
On a total of 189 cuvees presented 126 won a medal, i.e. 66% of the participating wines. It is necessary to underline the great quality of the bottles: 1% of the awarded wines received a Platinum medal, 27% a Gold medal, 44% a Silver medal and 28% a Bronze medal. The very strict criteria of tasting, the categories by type of products, and the absolute impartiality that a blind tasting guarantees gave the results that live up to the requirements of this test.

The competition began on October 21st at 10h30. After a presentation of the event, each member of the jury received numbered cards for tasting corresponding to each cuvee, with a classification by category. Each wine or spirit was to be evaluated on 20 points according to criteria below:

Visual: 2 points

Olfactive: 6 points to be distributed between flavours and complexity
Gustatory: 10 points to set out again between acidity, body, tannins, fruit, typicity and balance

Final Feeling: 2 points

After the tasting, the jury foreman proceeded to count all points, divided by the total number of jury members.
The wines received a medal if their average rating was as follows:
12.4 to 14.9 Bronze medal
The wine is balanced, one perceives a good typicity, a fruit quite present which makes it perfect for a daily consumption.
15 to 16.9 Silver medal
The wine transmits pleasant feelings. It is balanced and harmonious. It is the typical product for moments of pleasure but also for keeping.
17 to 18.4 Gold medal
It is a perfect wine; it has a good complexity, a great balance, body. It joins together all qualities of a wine of pleasure and keeping.

18,5 to 20 Platinum medal
This wine unites all the elements of a wine having obtained a Gold Medal, but shows moreover a capacity of evolution in bottle that is out of the ordinary. It is an exceptional bottle, one that is collected or served only for a very special occasion.

To end the contest, all the platinum and gold prize-winning wines were tasted again accompanied with Mediterranean or Italian dishes, thus confirming the notes.
We would also like to thank all the tasters that took part in the jury:
(Mentioned are only those who wanted their names to appear.)
Sébastien Verrier - Vita by Baoli -
Alexander LaPratt - DB Bistro
Moderne Miami -

Simone Zarmati - Food & Wine Talk -
Jorge Luis Mendoza - The Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne
John Mayfield - Selected Brands -
Justin Hall - Bourbon Steak Miami -
Eric Larkee - Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink -
Eric Cravello - 83 St Tropez & Antares
Greg River - The Breakers Palm Beach -
Jamie Futscher - Sunset Corners -
Nicholas Alavabena - The Dutch Miami –
Nicole Rudnick - The Meat Market Miami -

You can find the list of the medal-winning wines and more information concerning the 2012 edition on our website.
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Catherine Plazanet
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